Fruited turkey roll
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Fruited turkey roll
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      Title: Fruited turkey roll
 Categories: Poultry
      Yield: 4 Servings
      1 lb Ground Turkey
      1    Egg
      1 c  Bread Crumbs
    1/2 ts Basil
    1/2 ts Oregano
    1/2 ts Sage
      2 tb Apricot Preserves
      1 ts Dijon Mustard
      8 oz Mushrooms, Sliced
      1    Onion, Medium - diced
      1 ts Tarragon
      2 tb Cheddar Grated
      1 pk Lo Sodium Inst Chicken Broth
    3/4 c  Apricot nectar
    1/4 c  Water
      6    Dried Apricot slices
      1 tb Raisins
      2 tb Garlic, minced
      1 ts Ginger root, peeled/minced
      2 tb Wondra or other flour
      2 tb Sweet Vermouth
           Fresh ground pepper
  Mix egg, turkey, bread crumbs, and next three herbs. Between two
  sheets of plastic wrap (or waxed paper) roll out meat to appx.
  8x12in. Remove top sheet. Mix mustard and preserves (heat if
  necessary) and spread over one side of meat. Saute Mushrooms in some
  Olive oil till lightly brown. Add tarragon during last minute. Layer
  over 3/4 of meat - Saute onion till tender & place on top of
  mushrooms. Scatter cheese over 1/2 meat. Roll up jelly roll fashion
  to make 8" log. Transfer to lightly greased oven proof shallow baking
  pan with seam down. This can be made ahead to this point and kept
  covered in the refrigerator for several hours. Bake @ 350 -375 40
  Mins In same pan used to saute onions & mushrooms saute ginger root
  and garlic over high heat for about 30   seconds to 1 minute... dont
  brown garlic. If needed add   a little more oil, wondra, pepper &
  instant chicken broth.. . cook roux 1 min and immediately thin with
  slow addition of nectar & water. Add vermouth & fruits and cook till
  fruit plumps and sauce thickens slightly. Transfer meat to serving
  platter & spoon on fruit sauce. Pass extra sauce.
   Ken- Brookline NH 04/30/92 23:39

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