Steve's meat loaf
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Steve's meat loaf
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      Title: Steve's meat loaf
 Categories: Meats, Usenet
      Yield: 4 Servings
      2 lb Hamburger
      1    Egg
      1 ds Nutmeg
    1/4 t  Black pepper
    1/2 c  Mushroom soup
           -concentrate, canned
    1/2 c  Onion, chopped
    1/2 c  Bread crumbs
    1/3 c  Marinara sauce
           -(or spaghetti sauce
           -or pizza sauce)
      2    Garlic cloves,  minced
      2 t  Seasoned salt (or use
           -a mixture of salt,
           -pepper, cayenne and
           -celery seed)

      8 oz Canned mushroom soup
           -concentrate (use the
           -rest of the can)
      3 oz Mushrooms, sliced
    1/2 c  Sour cream
    1/4 c  Drippings (from
           -baking the loaf)
  Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.  Mix all ingredients together well,
  shape into loaf and put into a pan. If you use a roasting rack
  instead of a bread pan, the loaf will be less greasy and you can use
  some of the drippings to make the sauce. Bake 20 minutes uncovered at
  425 degrees F. Turn down the oven to 375 degrees F. and continue
  baking, uncovered, for 55 more minutes.
  MAKE THE SAUCE:  Fry the mushrooms in the drippings and then combine
  the drippings and mushrooms with the mushroom soup and sour cream.
  Heat this mixture in a sauce pan.  When meatloaf is done, put on a
  plate, cover with sauce, slice and eat.
  *  A quick and flavorful meat loaf -- This is my own adaptation of a
  recipe I got many years ago from a Campbell's soup cookbook. It
  usually gets rave reviews from guests.  Yield:  serves 4-6.
  : Difficulty:  easy.
  : Time:  15 minutes preparation, 1 1/2 hours cooking.
  : Precision:  approximate measurement OK.
  : Steven A.  Minneman
  : Fujitsu America Inc, San Jose, Ca
  : ihnp4!pesnta!fai!stevem
  : "The best government is no government at all."

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Recipe ID 25561 (Apr 03, 2005)

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