Aphrodisiac Omelet
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Aphrodisiac Omelet
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      Title: Aphrodisiac omelet
      Yield: 2 Servings
      5    Eggs; fresh from the nest of
           -a virgin hen
    1/2 c  Beluga caviar; if possible
           -from the baltic sea
      4 sl Norwegian smoked salmon
           Fresh country butter
           Chopped chives
  Ever so delicately, you break the eggs into a fine porcelain
  bowl—porcelain for reasons of elegance, nothing more—and beat
  lightly, adding salt and pepper. You warm the butter in the omelet
  pan sacred to every good cook, and as soon as the butter begins to
  turn the tint of warm Caribbean skin, you pour in the eggs. When the
  omelet is half cooked on the bottom, loosen it with infinite
  gentleness, whispering encouragingly, because if you are rough, it
  will lose its enchanting disposition; add the chives and salmon and
  fold it over, exactly as you would close a book. To free it entirely,
  experts move the skillet back and forth with the pulsing syncopation
  of a good dancer, and then, with a sudden flip of the wrist, toss it
  up in the air and catch it, now reversed, so it will cook to a golden
  brown on both sides—although I admit that every time I've tried that
  move, the omelet has landed on my head. These gyrations are pure
  exhibitionism, because when you make an omelet, as when y! ! ou make
  love, affection counts or more than technique.
  Serve your omelet on your most beautiful plates, already warmed in the
  oven. Spoon on the caviar, and beside this triumph place the warm
  toast and sour cream. After a night of passion, this is the breakfast
  indicated for making love, no holds barred, the rest of the day.
  Notes: An Omelet For Two

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