Baked blueberry french bread
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Baked blueberry french bread
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      Title: Baked blueberry french bread
 Categories: Breakfast, Cookbook, Inn
      Yield: 8 Servings
     16 oz Italian bread
      4    Eggs
    1/2 c  Milk, 2% lowfat
    1/4 ts Baking powder
      1 ts Vanilla
  2 1/2 c  Blueberries, frozen or fresh
    1/2 c  Sugar
      1 ts Cinnamon
      1 ts Cornstarch
      2 tb Butter, melted
    1/4 c  Powdered sugar
  Slice the bread on the diagonal to create 8 3/4-inch thick pieces,
  heels removed. Arrange the bread slices in a 10-by-15 inch baking
  In a medium bowl, whip together the eggs, milk, baking powder and
  vanilla. Slowly pour the mixture over the bread, turning each slice
  to coat completely. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and refrigerate
  for at least 1 hour, but preferably overnight.
  Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Coat another 10-by-15 inch baking
  dish with nonstick cooking spray. Sprinkle the blueberries over the
  bottom of the pan. Mix together the sugar, cinnamon and cornstarch
  and pour even over top of the berries. Tightly wedge the bread slices
  over the blueberries, wettest side up. Brush the bread with melted
  butter. Bake the French toast in the center of the oven for 20 to 25
  minutes, or until golden brown.
  To serve, place the toast -- berry-side down -- on warmed plates.
  Stir the remaining berry mixture in the baking dish, then scoop over
  the toast. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  Note: This has lots of blueberries in it.When fresh berries are very
  sweet, reduce amount of sugar. Begin this recipe a few hours ahead of
  serving time.

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Recipe ID 31244 (Apr 03, 2005)

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