Barbra's Best Chicken Soup! Pt 2
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Barbra's Best Chicken Soup! Pt 2
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      Title: Barbra's best chicken soup! pt 2
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      Yield: 1 Servings
           See part 1
  again add salt at this point. [I swear.. I rarely ever cook with
  salt, but it is a must here]. On your first try don't get too heavy
  handed [even though there are tricks to fixing it if it is too salty].
  Cover the pot [completely] and simmer for 45 minutes. Turn off stove.
  Remove cover and allow to cool.
  Now if you want just a clear broth: Dump the contents of the pot
  through a strainer into another pot. I then press down on the
  chicken, greens and onions in the strainer to release some very tasty
  juices that are hiding. I then throw all the things in the strainer
  If you want chicken soup: Using a slotted spoon [don't use your hand
  as the oil in the pot is hotter than you can imagine - speaking of
  which be VERY careful when dumping the soup into the strainer. I have
  burned my hand on many an occasion!] and remove the carrots to a
  separate place. Take out the chicken as well. When you start to
  strain the soup you are going to have to pick out the pieces of
  Cut the chicken into chunks, slice the carrots and add the celery. I
  keep this is a separate container from the soup in the fridge [people
  like to eat the onions and the greens as well.]
  Now you need to find containers to put the soup into. You want to use
  containers that do not have a very large mouth. The reason for this
  is that the fat will congeal and you need to remove it. If the
  opening is not too big then the fat will congeal in a thick piece and
  is easier to remove then if it is a very wide mouth container [do not
  use a container too small to be able to remove the fat].
  After pouring the broth into containers refrigerate. You will need to
  let the soup at least overnight [maybe longer] until all the fat has
  risen to the top and has formed a hard solid piece. Remove the fat
  and discard [or you can save it for some very yummy but unhealthy
  recipes I have - also if you plan to make balls the chicken soup fat
  is a must!].
  What *I* do at this point is pour the soup through a funnel into empty
  plastic EvianŽ water bottles. Fill one inch from top and freeze. It
  seems to last forever and is just as good when defrosted [you can
  also nuke the frozen soup for ten minutes which will give you enough
  liquid for a couple of servings].
  And that my dear friend is how to make the BEST chicken soup. Now you
  need to decide what to do with it. Soup noodles satisfy me just fine
  [if you make extra - again keep this in a separate container from the
  soup]. You can make balls and other endless possibilities.
  NOTES : *SECRET NOTE: I always believed the most flavor in the soup
  came from the fat/skin on the chicken. Over the years I have learned
  that not to be the case! So, now what you do is strain the soup. Keep
  all chicken, bones, and feet. Return them to the pot and start a
  second batch of soup adding to the leftovers from the first batch. It
  is so good I promise everyone you serve it to will swear it is the
  best they ever had!!! Recipe 

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