Bargee Rolls (Sephardic Appetizer)
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Bargee Rolls (Sephardic Appetizer)
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      Title: Bargee rolls (sephardic appetizer)
 Categories: Appetizer
      Yield: 16 Servings
      4 c  Cooked mixed vegetables
           -(fresh; frozen or canned)
      2 tb Dried sweet pepper flakes
      1 tb Dried parsley flakes
      3 tb Oil
      1 c  Chopped onions (fresh or
      1 lg Clove garlic; minced
      2 tb Tomato paste
      4 tb Curry powder -or-
      3 tb Curry paste
      2 tb Liquid from vegetables
      1 ts Garlic salt
      2 ts Sugar
      1 ts Cumin seeds; coarsely
           -crushed -or-
      2 ts Ground cumin
      1    Loaf sliced sandwich bread;
           Oil for frying

------------------------CHUTNEY DIP-----------------------------
    1/2 c  Mango chutney; drained and
    1/4 ts Crumbled dried red chilies
      1 c  Yogurt or sour cream
      1 ts Minced coriander leaves
  If you are using canned
  vegetables (you will need two 1-lb cans), drain the vegetables and
  save 2 Tbsp of the liquid. If you are using fresh or frozen
  vegetables, save the same amount of liquid (2 Tbsp) in which they
  have been cooked.
  Soak the sweet pepper flakes and parsley in water until they are
  soft. Then drain off any excess liquid.
  Heat the oil in a skillet until it is sizzling and add the onions and
  garlic and fry until they are golden brown.
  Blend the curry powder or paste with the tomato paste. Mix with the 2
  Tbsp vegetable liquid and add to the pan with the onions and garlic.
  Add the garlic salt, sugar and cumin. Stir over low fire until the
  mixture is very thick and smooth (5-10 minutes).
  With a wooden spoon, carefully fold in the drained vegetables. Heat
  through. (Served cold, this vegetable curry makes an excellent summer
  luncheon course and is enough for 4 servings.)
  Cool the vegetable curry. Then place about 1 teaspoon of it along one
  side of each bread slice. Use a flat knife such as a butter knife to
  press the filling flat. Roll in the filled side of the bread, using
  fingertips to secure the roll. Then continue rolling as tightly as
  possible. This is to prevent the bread from uncurling during frying.
  Fasten the rolls with toothpicks and fry them in hot oil until golden
  brown. Drain, cut each roll in half, and serve at once with chutney
  The rolls may be frozen before frying by placing them on a cookie
  sheet in the freezer. When they have frozen, transfer to a freezer
  bag or container for future use.
  Chutney Dip: Combine chutney, chilies and yogurt or sour cream.
  Sprinkle with minced coriander leaves. Chill.

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