Black Satin Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pt 2
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Black Satin Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pt 2
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      Title: Black satin chocolate raspberry cake pt 2
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      Yield: 10 Servings
           See part 1
  springs back when gently pressed with a finger.
  9.Cool the cake layers in the pans set on wire racks for 5 minutes.
  Run a thin-bladed knife around the edges of the cake layers to loosen
  them. Invert the cake layers onto wire racks. Peel off the paper
  circles and leave them loosely attached to the bottom of the cake
  layers. Reinvert the layers onto other racks so that they are right
  side up. Cool the cake layers completely.
  Make the raspberry sauce:
  1.In a non-corrosive medium saucepan, combine the frozen raspberries
  and sugar. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until the sugar
  dissolves and the raspberries start to soften. Continue to cook at a
  gentle simmer for 3 to 5 minutes, until the raspberries are
  completely softened.
  2.Press the raspberry mixture through a fine-meshed sieve into a
  1-quart measuring cup, reserving 1 cup of the puree. Discard the
  seeds. Pour the raspberry puree into a clean noncorrosive medium
  3.Put the arrowroot in a small cup. Slowly stir in the water until the
  mixture is completely smooth. Scrape the arrowroot mixture into the
  raspberry puree and stir until blended.
  4.Cook the raspberry puree over medium heat, stirring constantly with
  a wooden spoon, until the mixture comes to a boil. Boil for 30 to 60
  seconds, until the sauce is transluscent. Do not boil for longer than
  1 minute, or the sauce will become watery. Remove the pan from the
  5.Cool the sauce to room temperature and stir in the liqueur to taste.
  Transfer the sauce to a bowl; cover and refrigerate.
  Make the dark chocolate shavings:
  1.Warm the 6-ounce chunk of dark chocolate by placing it on a piece of
  waxed paper. Microwave on MEDIUM (50 percent) power for 10 second
  intervals, until the chocolate starts to soften slightly. This can
  take three to six tries, depending on the wattage of the microwave,
  the type and brand of chocolate and the temperature of the kitchen.
  The chocolate should soften slightly, not melt. Alternatively, soften
  the chocolate by heating it with a portable blow dryer. Turn the
  chocolate chunk every few seconds, until it begins to soften.
  2.Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. Grip the chocolate chunk with
  a folded paper towel so that your hand does not melt the chocolate.
  Using a sharp vegetable peeler, scrape one of the edges of the
  chocolate chunk in a downward motion, forming loose shavings. As you
  form the shavings, let them fall onto the waxed paper. Continue
  making shavings until most of the chocolate has been used.
  Refrigerate the dark chocolate shavings on the baking sheet until
  ready to decorate the cake.
  Make the black satin fudge frosting:
  1.Melt the chocolate according to the instructions in the Chocolate
  Melting Tips.
  2.Put the milk, butter, black raspberry liqueur and vanilla in a food
  processor fitted with the metal chopping blade. Add the melted
  chocolate. Cover for 20 to 30 seconds, until the frosting is thick
  and creamy. Use the frosting immediately. Reserve 1 cup of the
  frosting for piping on top of the cake. Use the remaining frosting to
  fill and frost the cake.
  Assemble and frost the cake:
  1.Remove the paper circles from the bottoms of the cake layers. If
  necessary, trim the tops of the cake layers so that they are level
  with a long serrated knife. Place one of the cake layers on an 9-inch
  cardboard cake circle. Using a small offset metal cake spatula,
  spread 3 tablespoons of the raspberry jam over the top of the cake
  layer. Spread 3/4-cup of the black satin fudge frosting in an even
  layer over the raspberry jam. Put the second cake layer on top of the
  frosting. Spread the remaining 2 tablespoons of the raspberry jam
  over the cake layer. Cover the raspberry jam with 2/3-cup of the
  frosting. Put the third cake layer on top of the frosting.
  2.Lift up the cake, supporting the bottom in one hand. With the other
  hand, using a metal cake spatula, frost the top of the cake with some
  of the fudge frosting. Spread more of the frosting around the side of
  the cake, filling in the space between the edge of the cardboard and
  the side of the cake. Finish the top by holding the metal cake
  spatula at a slight angle and with several strokes, smooth the raised
  lip of frosting around the upper edge toward the center of the cake
  until the cake is smooth.
  Decorate the cake:
  1.Remove the tray of dark chocolate shavings from the refrigerator.
  Lift up the cake on the cardboard, supporting the bottom of the cake
  with one hand. Hold the cake over the tray of chocolate shavings.
  Using a baker's scraper or metal spatula, scoop up some of the
  shavings and gently press them against the side of the cake. Continue
  until the side of the cake is evenly covered with shavings. continued
  in part 3

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