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      Title: Borstplaat
 Categories: Dutch, Christmas, Cookies
      Yield: 1 Servings
    300 g  Sugar
      5 tb Water
     20 g  Butter, if necessary
  Prepare a mould (usually heart-shaped). For the bottom use a flat
  piece of oiled aluminiumfoil. For the rim, any metal shape, or a
  strip of stiff paper wrapped in alufoil, also oiled lightly on the
  Put ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil. First the syrupy
  liquid will start to foam, then start to clear. Stir now and again
  with a wooden spoon. Put a steel spoon upside down in a cup of cold
  water iced with an icecube. It will be needed to test the consistency
  of the mix. Put the coldest part of the spoon in the hot sugarmass
  and insert it directly in the cold water. Leave it there for a few
  seconds. Then (using finger and thumb) push the sugarmass to the end
  of the spoon. You'll end up with a sticky ball. If it is soft and
  stringy, leave to boil for a few more minutes. Keep stirring. When it
  is firm and springs back when tested, it's ready. Take the pan of the
  heat, and leave to cool a bit. Then: stir briskly. The colour will
  change from grey to snowy white (stirring will also prevent a grainy
  crystallising later). Don't let it cool down too much, and then: pour
  into the mould. Leave to set for at least one hour. Variations:
  mocca: add a tbs of powdered coffee directly after taking the
  borstplaat off the heat chocolate: add a tbs of cocao creamy: add a
  little cream (unwhipped)

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Recipe ID 36814 (Apr 03, 2005)

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