Cassoulet Provencale
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Cassoulet Provencale
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      Title: Cassoulet provencale
 Categories: Bacon, Beans/legum, Casseroles, Chicken, Dishes that
      Yield: 20 Servings
      2 lb Dried Great Northern beans
      1 tb Salt
      1 ts Pepper
      1    Ham hocks; about 8 ounces
      1    Onion; studded with
      6    Whole cloves; (up to 8)
      2    Carrots; pared and sliced
      1 ts Celery seeds
      1 ts Leaf thyme; crumbed
      1 c  Pimiento-stuffed olives; (4
           -oz. jar)
    1/2 lb Salt pork; diced
      6    Chicken legs and thighs;
           -about 2 pounds OR
  1 1/2 lb Chicken wings
      1 lg Onion; chopped (1 c.)
      2    Cloves garlic; minced
    1/2 lb Pepperoni sausage; in 1 inch
      1 c  Fine dry bread crumbs
      3 tb Butter or margarine; melted
  Cover beans with water in a large kettle. Heat to boiling and boil 1
  minute. Cover kettle, let beans stand for 1 hour; drain. Cover beans
  with fresh water; add salt, pepper, ham hock, onion, carrots and
  seasoniongs. Bring to boiling; reduce heat; simmer slowly 1 1/2
  hours. Add more water, if needed, to keep beans covered. Stir in
  In a large skillet, fry salt pork until crisp and remove; brown
  chicken pieces in same skillet; remove. Pour off al but 2 tablespoons
  of the fat; saute onion and garlic until onion is tender. Remove ham
  hocks and whole onion from beans; discard onion. Cut meat into 1 inch
  cubes; reserve. Stir sauteed onion into beans. Layer bean mixture,
  chicken and meats in 2 twelve-cup casseroles, ending with beans.
  Bake, covered, in 300 F. oven for 2 hours until beans are almost
  tender, adding more water, if needed. Combine bread crumbs and melted
  butter or margarine in a bowl. Sprinkle over beans.
  Increase oven temperature to 350 F. and bake 30 minutes longer or
  until crumbs are golden.
  To Freeze: Line casserole with foil; layer with beans and meat; wrap;
  label and freeze. When frozen, remove foil-wrapped food from
  casserole; and return food to freezer. To bake: remove food from
  freezer and peel off foil. Place in same baking dish.. Bake, covered
  in 350 F. oven for 2 hours or until bubbly-hot. Remove foil; sprinkle
  with buttered crumbs and bake 30 minutes longer, or until crumbs are
  Note: the time wil lvary with the depth of the frozen mixture. A
  shallower depth will cook faster.

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Recipe ID 40603 (Apr 03, 2005)

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