Cauliflower pickles
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Cauliflower pickles
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      Title: Cauliflower pickles
 Categories: Canning, Preserves, Etc., Cauliflower
      Yield: 4 Servings
      2 md Heads cauliflower; (about 3
      2 md Carrots
    1/2 c  Salt
      5    Canning; (1 pt.) jars & caps
      2 c  White vinegar
    3/4 c  Sugar
      2 ts Mustard seeds
      1 ts Crushed red pepper
      1 ts Celery seeds
    1/2 ts Whole cloves
      5    Sprigs fresh dill
  Cut cauliflower into flowerets. Thinly slice carrots. In 6-quart
  enamel, stainless steel, or glass container, stir salt and 6 cups
  water until salt is dissolved. Add cauliflower and carrots; cover and
  let stand in cool place about 6 hours.
  Drain vegetables; rinse with running cold water; drain thoroughly. In
  8-quart saucepot or Dutch oven over high heat, heat vinegar, sugar,
  mustard seeds, crushed red pepper, celery seeds, cloves and 4 cups
  water to boiling, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to medium; cover
  and cook 5 minutes. Add vegetables; heat to boiling. Reduce heat to
  low; cover and simmer 5 minutes longer, stirring occasionally.
  In each hot jar, place 1 dill sprig. With slotted spoon, spoon hot
  vegetables into hot jars to 1/4 inch from top of jar. Immediately
  ladle hot vinegar mixture over vegetables in jar to 1/4 inch from top
  of jar. (Keep mixture simmering while filling jars.) with small
  spatula, carefully remove any air bubbles between vegetables and jar.
  Close jars as manufacturer directs.
  Place jars on rack in canner half full with boiling water, far enough
  apart so that water can circulate freely. Add additional boiling
  water if needed so that water level is 1 to 2 inches above tops of
  jars (do not pour water directly on jars). Over high heat, heat to
  boiling. Cover canner; reduce heat to medium; boil gently 15 minutes.
  With jar lifter or tongs, remove jars from canner; set jars, several
  inches apart, on wire racks. Cool at least 12 hours. 

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