Cheese Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Loaf
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Cheese Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Loaf
  Cheese    Pesto    Loaf  
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      Title: Cheese sun-dried tomato pesto loaf
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      Yield: 1 Servings
      1 lb Provolone cheese; thin slice
    1/2 c  Oil packed dried tomatoes
           -drained; chopped
           Pesto; (purchased or recipe
           Garlic cream; (purchased 2
           -cartons soft spreadable
           -garlic or boursin style
           -cheese, or recipe follows)

MMMMM---------------------CHEESE CLOTH PESTO--------------------------
      2    Cloves garlic; minced
      1 c  Fresh basil leaves
      1 c  Parmesan cheese grated
    1/2 c  Olive oil garlic cheese
      8 oz Cream cheese; softened
    1/2    Stick butter; softened
      1    Clove garlic; minced
    1/4 c  Pistachios; shelled, roasted
  Line a loaf or round cake pan with damp cheese cloth, leaving excess
  to hang over sides. Using half provolone cheese, line pan-pressing
  edges to seam. Divide remaining cheese into three equal portions.
  Spread half pesto over provolone in pan bottom. Next layer in this
  order: 1. a layer of provolone cheese 2. sprinkle with half dried
  tomatoes 3. spread garlic cream cheese 4. sprinkle rest of dried
  tomatoes 5. a layer of provolone cheese 6. remaining pesto 7. final
  layer of provolone cheese Fold cheese cloth over loaf. Press firmly
  to compress. (a small weight helps but is not necessary)> Refrigerate
  for at least two hours. (I prefer overnight and this lasts WELL).
  When ready to serve, fold back cheese cloth and invert onto serving
  plate. Remove cheese cloth and garnish with Basil, a cut tomato, etc.
  Serve with crackers. For loaf pan make long thin slices. For cake pan
  make wedges. This is rich and elegant!! Pesto: Process all in a food
  processor or blender until smooth. This will stand for days. Garlic
  cheese: Cream all ingredients except pistachios in a food processor,
  by electric mixer or by hand. Lastly add pistachios. NOTE-Even if I
  use a garlic cheese spread, I like to add the pistachios. I suppose
  walnuts would work, but this is special, and if you're going to use
  all the other ingredients, why skimp on these. This makes a LARGE
  number of servings, since it is rich. Therefore, it is great for
  parties. It is difficult to divide, because of the shaping, but it
  does last well for days. Happy holidays to all, Carol MM Format Norma

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