Chicago hot dog
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Chicago hot dog
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      Title: Chicago hot dog
 Categories: Meat
      Yield: 1 Servings
           Hot dogs
           Additional condiments; see
    Don't talk to me about hot dogs in other cities. I have tasted
  them. The best ones in the country (Oh, New York City, forgive me!)
  are in Chicago. The Windy City does not have many hamburger stands
  like most cities do . . . but it does have four thousand hot-dog
  stands, and there is a certain style to the way it is to be done.
    That is more hot-dog stands per capita than any other city in the
  world! Furthermore, the contest for the best hot dog in town is ever
  ongoing, and the arguments ever-present. Chicago magazine even ran an
  article in which about thirty outlets were formally critiqued.
    One of my favorites is a place called Byron's on Irving Park. Byron
  boasts, "Eleven Condiments for Your Hot Dog!" First of all, he starts
  with all-beef hot dogs. Most Chicago stands do the same. Then he
  offers you the following selection of goodies to put on the dog. This
  is Chicago style!
    Green sweet bell pepper, diced
    Yellow onions, diced
    Mustard, of course
    Sweet-pickle relish
    Dill-pickle chips
    Cucumbers, sliced thin
    Lettuce, iceberg, shredded
    Tomatoes, diced
    Hot peppers (peperoncini)
    Catsup (By special request only. Everyone will stare at you.
      I think you need a note from your mother!)
    Celery salt (This is the clincher. It is a most delicious
    I have had parties at my home in which I served nothing but Chicago
  hot dogs with all the condiments. People on the West Coast are
  surprised by such a wonderful meal. Junk food this is not. It is a
  hot dog and fine salad on a bun.
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