Chicken corn soup with rivels
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Chicken corn soup with rivels
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      Title: Chicken corn soup with rivels
 Categories: Soup
      Yield: 8 Servings
      1    (3-lb) chicken cut in half
      3 qt Water
      1 sm Onion; peeled, chopped
      1    Bay leaf
      2    Sprigs parsley; whole
           Salt & pepper to taste
      6    Ears corn; scraped from cob
      1 pk (20-oz) frozen corn; plus
      1 cn (17-oz) creamed corn

      2    Eggs; beaten
      2 c  Flour
      1 pn Salt
      4    Hard-boiled eggs; peeled &
      1 tb Chopped parsley for garnish
    This dish is terribly popular with the Pennsylvania Dutch, who form
  a major food influence in Philadelphia. Your kids will get a kick out
  of making "rivels," very quick soup noodles that are common in
  Pennsylvania. The word rivel means "lump," and that is what you are
  going to get in this delicious soup.
    Please do not confuse this with normal chicken noodle soup. This
  thick, rich, early American soup will bring them back to the farm!
    Rinse the chicken halves and place them in a 6-quart soup pot. Add
  the water, onion, bay leaf, parsley sprigs, and a bit of salt and
  pepper. Bring the chicken to a boil, turn the heat down to a good
  simmer, and   cover the pot. Cook for 1 hour. Remove the chicken from
  the soup and   allow to cool. Save the soup stock. Debone the
  chicken, discarding the skin and bones, and coarsely chop the meat.
  Set the chicken meat aside, covered.
    Scrape the corn from the ears or, if using frozen corn, run it
  through your food processor for a very short time to chop up the
  kernels. Remove the fat from the chicken soup and bring the pot to a
  light boil.
    To make the rivels, mix the beaten eggs with the flour and salt,
  using a fork. Stir this until it turns into large grains of dough .
  Rub this mixture through your hands over the soup pot, so that very
  small lumps of dough fall slowly into the pot. Stir gently and simmer
  the soup and rivels for about 10 minutes or until tender. Check the
  soup for salt and pepper. Add the corn and chicken and cook for an
  additional 5 minutes. Serve with hard-boiled egg slices and parsley
   NOTE: I have seen recipes that substitute popcorn for the rivels.
  Yes, you read me correctly. How would your children react to popcorn
  From .  Downloaded from Glen's MM

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