Chicken Red Wine Sauce
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Chicken Red Wine Sauce
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      Title: Chicken red wine sauce
 Categories: None
      Yield: 2 Cups
           Wings; drumsticks, backbones
           -and knuckles  of a 3-1/2
           -lb. Whole Raw Chicken, (All
           -the parts of a chicken you
           -don't use to prepare Coq au
  2 1/2 tb All-purpose Flour
    1/2 md Onion; Sliced
    1/8 c  Carrots; Coarsely Diced
      1 tb Celery; Coarsely Diced
      1 ts Salt
           Pepper to Taste
      1 c  Red Burgundy Wine;
           -(Non-Alcohol Substitute:
           -Grape Juice or Non-Alcohol
           -Red Wine)
  1 1/2 c  Clear Veal Stock
           Caramel Coloring as Needed;
  If one were to take a global poll asking which culture has
  historically produced the most culinary contributions to romantic
  cooking, the longitude and latitude of your point of origin would
  most likely determine your ranking. The Kitchen Staff agrees that the
  French would finish in the top ten of nearly everyone's list.
  In order to prepare the classically romantic French feast of Coq au
  Vin you will need to invest some time an energy into your meal, just
  as a great French chef would. Today's recipe is Part 1 of your
  adventure as a great French chef. We've included this recipe in
  Romantic Recipe week(s) because sometimes it's just more fun for two
  to cook, that for one. So grab your partner and get your
  Learn a little French cooking wizardry. Mise-en-place is a tray of
  ingredients prepared before you start your recipe. Literally
  translated mise-en-place means "to put in place." It is a great
  time-saving, organizational function of the French kitchen. Simply
  assemble all the ingredients your recipe requires in the exact
  amounts required, placing each ingredient in small bowls on a tray
  and check your list twice. The Kitchen Staff strongly urges you to
  prepare your Co au Vin utilizing this traditionally French method of
  Place the chicken bones in a roasting pan and heat in a 450-F degree
  oven for 30-minutes, stirring frequently until golden brown. Add
  flour, onion, carrots, celery, salt, pepper and wine to the pan of
  bones and mix well. Place back in the oven for an additional
  5-minutes, then transfer all the ingredients to a stock pot.
  Add veal stock to stock pot with the wine, vegetables and bones. Over
  medium heat bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat and
  simmer for 1-hour. Strain the mixture through a fine strainer and
  adjust seasoning, yield should be about 2 cups of sauce. Add caramel
  coloring at this time adjust the color of the sauce, if desired.
  Kitchen Staff Tips: Roasting the bones is a necessary step for
  preparing a great stock or sauce. Don't skimp on the preparation time
  because you'll only be short-changing the flavor. Speaking of flavor,
  all great chefs taste their recipes as they prepare them. So get out
  the spoon and taste-test with your partner as you complete each step
  in preparing your sauce! If you elect to use a non-alcohol substitute
  in your cooking, you will greatly change the flavor of the sauce. Use
  only those ingredients that you enjoy. As a final option you could
  exclude the veal stock and substitute water, understanding that the
  sauce is a pale substitute for the intended flavor.
  Stay Tuned! Part 2 of Coq au Vin will be published tomorrow.

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