Chile Bread Pt 2
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Chile Bread Pt 2
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      Title: Chile bread pt 2
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      Yield: 1 Servings
           See part 1
  add the remaining ingredients.
  knead everything up by hand or in a kitchenaid or bread
  machine--whatever works for you. you might need to add a bit more
  flour to finish the dough, which should be soft=A0 and springy
  without being too sticky to handle. round it up into a nice neat
  ball, plunk it in a greased bowl, cover, and leave it to rise until
  doubled--anywhere from an hour or so (for heavily yeasted versions)
  to 2 or 3 hours (or whatever, for pokey sourdoughs).
  i prefer to shape this dough into a torpedo (press the ball of risen
  dough into a cirle, then roll up the circle like a jellyroll and
  pinch the seam), let it rise again until *almost* doubled (around 45
  minute to an hour or longer, depending), slash the top, then bake it
  in at 450 degrees on quarry tiles, spritzing with water every 3
  minutes for the first 10 minutes. this yields a rustic loaf with a
  great crust. you can suit yourself, though--bake it in loaf pans for
  sandwich slices, or make it into rolls or a round loaf or a
  flatbread, or bake it on a cornmeal-dusted cookie sheet instead of
  tiles. a cooler temperature (350-375) will give you a softer crust.
  total baking time will be from approximately 20-25 minutes (for 450
  degrees) to 35 or 40 minutes (for
      350    degrees).
  ***nonsourdough version: dissolve the yeast in the water and then
  stir in the flours as above.
  this recipe turned out a lovely reddish brown loaf with great flavor
  and only a mild warmth from the chiles--not enough for me, but
  perfect for nonchileheads. next time i'll increase the habs to a full
  teaspoon and add a couple of dried chipotles to the guajillos. i'll
  also probably experiment with other roasted seeds--sunflower, sesame,
  and flax make a good mix. another way to go would be with diced
  roasted chiles (mark miller adds these) and diced cheddar or jack
  cheese, maybe a handful of slivered sundried tomatoes, and a pinch of
  ground coriander in with the oregano...? 

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