Chile petine wine
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Chile petine wine
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      Title: Chile petine wine
 Categories: Beverage
      Yield: 1 Servings
MMMMM--------------------INITIAL INGREDIENTS-------------------------
      2    Good double-handfuls of
           -chile Petines
      5    Apples
      2    Limes
      1    Lemon
      6 c  Hen scratch (take out the
           -mineral pellets)
      2 c  Honey
      1 c  Maple syrup
      1 c  (scant) molasses

MMMMM-------------------REMAINING INGREDIENTS------------------------
      1 pk Wine yeast; divided use
      2 c  Sugar
      2    Oranges
  "Susan S. Oehlers 512-245-3686" 
  Ok, I dug around through my recipe mess and found the recipe for the
  infamous "Chile Petine Wine".  I'm going to type it in just as it was
  written by my friend. I know nothing about wine making in general so
  have no idea how accurate the instructions are. I have never made
  this but I have drunk some and remember it as being pretty good (this
  was also 20 odd years ago and there were a number of things I liked
  that make me cringe now!).
  Chile Petine Wine -- from a family recipe of Alan Voight: Take a 4
  gallon bucket and add initial ingredients and fill with water.  Add
  1/2 packet wine yeast. Let ferment 1.5 weeks.
  Then add 2 cups of sugar, 2 oranges and the other 1/2 packet of yeast.
  Let it go, but watch it.  Strain 3 or 4 times over 4 month period.
  If anyone actually decides to try this, please let me know what
  results you get.
  From the Chile-Heads recipe list.  Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe

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Recipe ID 43226 (Apr 03, 2005)

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