Chiles En Vinagre
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Chiles En Vinagre
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      Title: Chiles en vinagre
 Categories: None
      Yield: 1 Servings
      6 tb Oil [your choice - I use
           -olive; sunflower or corn
     12    Green chiles; sliced
           -[jalepenos preferably]
      4 lg Carrots; peeled & sliced
           -thinly in rounds
      2 lg Onions; sliced thinly
      1    Red [bell] pepper; sliced
      1 pt Distilled malt vinegar
      2    Cloves garlic [or more to
           -taste]; sliced thinly
           -[recipe says chopped
    1/4 ts Oregano [I use more]
    1/4 ts Marjoram [I neglect this in
           -favour of more oregano -
           -see above]
    1/4 ts Thyme
      1 ts Salt
    1/2 ts Ground black pepper
      1 tb Granulated sugar
  This is a recipe for pickled peppers I got from a book by Lourdes
  Nichols. It calls for sliced green chilli's of no particular type,
  but I usually use Jalepeno's if I can get them cheap enough - & it
  certainly bulks it out more. I don't see why whole ones wouldn't work
  either - they just go further when sliced:
  Heat oil in a large saucepan [avoid aluminium] & toss the chiles,
  carrots, onions & red pepper for two minutes each [or in whatever
  order suits you, & don't have the oil too hot], removing them from
  the heat & setting them aside in a bowl until they are all done. [You
  may need to add more oil as you go along]
  [At this point I also add half the garlic, cooked until it is about
  to turn brown, before adding to the above bowl]
  Slowly add the vinegar, herbs, seasoning, the rest of the garlic & the
  sugar to the remaining oil in the pan, & boil until the liquid is
  reduced by one-third [I have no idea why this is neccessary]. Pour
  the boiling liquid over the vegetables, & allow to cool uncovered.
  When cold, transfer to clean jars & seal.
  Refrigerate once jar is open.
  For variation, I have experimented with less carrots, more than one
  (bell) pepper (yellow) & added cauliflower, with success. I recommend
  that you don't over-cook the vegetables, & refrigerate the finished
  product within a day (ie. b4 you open the jar)- this ensures that the
  everything stays crispy & crunchy (especially the carrots which
  otherwise seem to develop a mushy texture). This is quite a sharp
  (acidic) recipe - but I like it & so does anyone who tries it! (And
  it is certainly better than the over salted commercial pickled
  chiles). Its quite interesting to notice the Jalepenos change from
  dark to pale green as they pickle.
  I have been toying with trying this recipe with Scotch Bonnets or
  Habs, instead of normal green chilli's - I'll post the results if I

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