Chiles rellenos with chipotle-corn sauce
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Chiles rellenos with chipotle-corn sauce
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      Title: Chiles rellenos with chipotle-corn sauce
 Categories: Cookbooks, News, Or mags, Mexican, Vegetables
      Yield: 6 Servings
      1    Head garlic; plus 2 cloves
     12    Anaheim chiles; or poblano
      1 c  Cheddar cheese; grated
      1 c  Monterey jack cheese; grated
    1/2 c  Queso cotija; or queso
           -fresco, (or substitute
           -low-fat ricotta cheese)
      1 bn Fresh cilantro; chopped
      8 oz Black beans; rinsed and
    1/2 c  Raw pumpkin seeds; or pine
      6    Scallions; chopped
      3 tb Chipotle chiles in adoble
           -sauce; pureed
      2 ts Ground cumin
      3 ts Ground coriander
      1 ts Freshly ground black pepper
    1/2 ts Ground cayenne pepper
    1/2 ts Salt
      2 c  Fresh corn; or canned,
           -roasted in a dry skillet or
           -broiled until caramel
      1 c  Heavy cream
      1 pt Sour cream
           Fresh cilantro leaves; for
  Roast the garlic. To prepare the chiles, lay them flat on a baking
  sheet and place under the broiler, turning occasionally, until
  blistered all over. When the chiles are blistered, remove them from
  the broiler and cover them with a clean towel. After 20 minutes, the
  skin will separate from the flesh. To peel the chiles, have a bowl of
  water ready to dip your fingers into, and very carefully pull the
  skin away from the flesh. Remove the seeds by making a small slit
  toward the stem end of the chile with a paring knife and reaching in
  gently with your fingers to remove them. Dip your fingers in the bowl
  of water to help remove seeds from your fingers. (It's not necessary
  to remove every last seed.) When the roasted garlic is cool, squeeze
  out the cloves and set aside.
  To prepare the stuffing, preheat the oven to 325. In a bowl, combine
  the cheeses, cilantro, black beans, pumpkin seeds, scallions, 1
  tablespoon of the chipotle puree, and the spices. Stuff each chile
  and arrange in a lightly oiled baking dish. Bake 20 minutes, or until
  filling is completely hot. While the chiles are baking, make the
  sauce in a blender by pureeing the corn with the heavy cream, roasted
  garlic cloves, and the remaining 2 tablespoons of chipotle puree.
  Transfer to a saute' pan or skillet and heat through. Place the sour
  cream in a bowl and whisk or stir to a creamy consistency.
  To serve the rellenos, place a small amount of sauce on each plate
  and lay a chile in the middle of the sauce. With a teaspoon, drop a
  small dot of sour cream to each side of the chile. Place a cilantro
  leaf on each of the dots of sour cream for a lovely presentation.
  There are almost as many versions of chiles rellenos as there are
  tomato sauces in an Italian household. In New Mexico, the stuffed
  chiles are typically fried in a simple egg mixture. In Colorado, they
  are batter-fried. In certain regions of Mexico, the chiles are baked
  instead of fried and smothered in a walnut sauce. This recipe is
  closest to the latter in that the chiles are stuffed, baked, and
  served on a cream sauce of roasted corn and smoky chipotle chiles.
  The black beans and pumpkin seeds in the stuffing create a rich
  texture. This makes a colorful appetizer for 12, or serve it as an
  entree with a salad of brown rice, peas, and chopped scallions,
  followed by a green lettuce salad topped with fresh tomatoes.
  Jennifer Trainer Thompson, Jump Up and Kiss Me Cookbook

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