Chili Verde
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Chili Verde
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      Title: Chili verde
 Categories: Meat
      Yield: 8 Servings
  1 1/2    -(up to)
      2 lb Chicken or pork
      1    Onion; chopped
      1 cn (17-oz) tomatillos
      1 cn (7-oz) diced Ortega chiles
      3    Cloves garlic; chopped
    1/2 ts Cumin seed
    1/2 ts Mustard seed
      1 ts Dried cilantro
      1 ts Dried marjoram
    1/2 ts Ground black pepper
      1    -(up to)
      2    Jalapeno peppers; chopped
      3 tb Flour
      1 ts Sage
      2 tb Cooking oil
      2    -(up to)
      3 c  Rice
           Salt to taste
      1 cn (17-oz) hominy (optional)
      1 cn (17-oz) chicken broth
  This recipe was adapted from the Pork with Tomatillo  stew from the Sunset Magazine
  Mexican Cookbook.  All measurements are approximate You can
  substitute chicken for the pork.  I usually serve this with refried
  beans topped with melred jack cheese and salsa on the side
  Add chopped onion, garlic, cumin, black pepper, mustard seed and oil
  in a deep skillet at medium heat and cook covered untilonion is soft.
  Stir occasionally to cook evenly. Cut meat into bite size chunks. Put
  flour and sage into the bag and shake the meat until dusted. Add the
  meat to the skillet and stir occasionally until the meat is brown(or
  white for chicken). Chop up tomatillos ans add to pan.Add ortega
  chilis, jalapeno peppers, cilantro and marjoram to pan. Simmer
  covered under low heat for about an hour or until meat is tender.
  Turn off heat and let sit covered until ready to eat or cool enough
  to put in the refrigerator. If you prepare this the day before you
  use it, it will taste better the next day. Serve with cooked rice.

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Recipe ID 43560 (Apr 03, 2005)

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