Chocolate Almond Butter (Baden)
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Chocolate Almond Butter (Baden)
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      Title: Chocolate almond butter (baden)
 Categories: None
      Yield: 1 Servings
      1 lb Nut butter (such as almond
           -butter; or peanut butter)
      1 lb Chocolate (semi-sweet or
           -milk chocolate; your
  [You may interpret "1 lb." as "500 g." if you prefer; in fact, I use
  1 lb. nut butter and 500 g chocolate!]
  Melt down the chocolate in a pot, with the nut butter in it; stir it
  up, until everything's smooth.Put it in a clean jar to keep.
  Either(1) use it up quickly, and you don't have to refrigerate it;
  the chocolate will keep the nut butter from separating and the nut
  butter will keep the chocolate from solidifying.Or (2) keep it in the
  refrigerator, and zap some in the microwaveto soften it up.You can
  also heat it back up to use as an ice cream sauce, but it's awfully
  thick for that. It's decadent enough to just spread it on toast.
  Nut butters: I can get Almond Butter locally at "Trader Joe's Market"
  a store with outlets in California and Arizona. They used to also
  have a cashew-macadamia nut butter that was absolutely heavenly --
  and it's nothing more than half a pound of cashews and half a pound of
  macadamias,ground up fine together -- but they couldn't get any more
  from theirsupplier.Check around for what you can find; or, use your
  food processor to make your own nut butter and go from there. (I
  don't have one,you're on your own.) [For all you Nutella lovers out
  there... Hazelnut's not the only flavor conceivable...] 

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