Chorizo #4
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Chorizo #4
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      Title: Chorizo #4
 Categories: Meat
      Yield: 8 Servings
      2 lb Pork; about 25% fat, coarsly
           -ground (minced)
           Chile peppers of your
           -choice - I often use 6
      4    Cloves garlic
      1 sm Red bell pepper; or
           -small handful of red New
           -Mex chile flakes
      1 ts Sugar
      2 ts Coriander
      1 ts Cumin
    1/2 ts Mustard
    1/2 ts Cinnamon
    1/2 ts Oregano
      4 ts Paprika
    1/3 c  White vinegar
           Graham cracker crumbs or
           -bread crumbs (maybe about
           -1/2 cup = 4 fl oz)
  Method: Basically just get this lot together some how. Here's how I
  do it -
  1. Trim the pork, removing all bone. Shove through the coarse plate
  on a KitchenAid grinder (Similar to Kenwood) Cheap cuts of pork are
  fine. Try shoulder or the packs of "assorted loin chops" that they
  often sell here in the US. Butchers will do this for you if you lack
  the tools.
  2. Put the chiles garlic and pepper in a mini blender and fragment.
  Or chop with a knife.
  3. Put the dry ingredients in electric spice grinder (old coffee
  grinder) or blend them in a pestle and mortar. Sometimes I use fresh
  herbs if available.
  4. Put all of the above 1-3 in a large bowl, add the vinegar, and
  stir at low speed until well mixed. The intense color of the paprika
  is a help here. Slowly add crumbs until the mixture is not goopy but
  firm and moist.
  5. Dump out on to a generous sheet of shrink wrap (cling film),
  forming into a big sausage shape on the way. Roll up the film to
  enclose. Twist the ends of the film up tightly and tie in knots. Pat
  roll and squeeze the mass into a pleasing shape (get the air out) and
  freeze solid. When you want to use it, it may be sliced easily if
  partly defrosted; then you can refreeze the rest. This is what our
  little family has for breakfast at the weekend with fried potato,
  eggs, bacon and green sauce. No lunch required! Cameron, a.k.a. -
  From the Chile-Heads recipe list.  Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe

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