Rock shrimp tamales with four-pepper cream
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Rock shrimp tamales with four-pepper cream
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      Title: Rock shrimp tamales with four-pepper cream
 Categories: Shrimp, Southwest
      Yield: 4 Servings
           For The Tamales--
      8 lg Dried Corn Husks*see
           Masa Dough--
    1/4 c  Unsalted Butter softened
      2 c  Masa Harina
      1 ts Baking Powder
      1 ts Salt
      1 tb Minced Chipotle In Adobo
    1/4 c  Canola Oil
      1 c  Hot Chicken Or Shellfish
           For The Filling--
      2 sl Bacon -- finely diced
      2 tb Red Bell Pepper -- minced
      2 tb Green Bell Pepper- minced
      2 tb Yellow Bell Pepper --
      2 tb Red Onion -- minced
      1 ts Garlic -- minced
    1/2 c  Chicken Or Shellfish Stock
    1/2 ts Adobo Sauce From Canned
           Chipotles Above
      8 oz Coarsely Chopped Rock Shrimp
           More if needed
      1 tb Chopped Fresh Cilantro
           Four Pepper Cream (Recipe
           Cilantro Sprigs
           Diced Bell Peppers
  TO MAKE THE TAMALES: In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the
  paddle attachment, or by hand with a wooden spoon, beat the butter
  until light and fluffy. Add the masa harina, baking powder, salt and
  chipotle. Mix until well-blended. With the motor running, slowly add
  the canola oil and the hot stock. Continue mixing until you hear a
  slapping sound, approximately 2 minutes. The dough will be soft. Set
  aside. You can do this all by hand with a wooden spatula,but it will
  take some energy! TO MAKE THE FILLING: In a large saute pan over
  medium heat, saute the bacon until translucent. Add the peppers,
  onion and garlic and saute slowly until tender, approximately 3
  minutes. Add the stock, shrimp and adobo sauce. Cook, stirring, until
  the shrimp are barely cooked through, approximately 1 minute. Remove
  from the heat, strain, set the solids aside, and return the liquid to
  pan. Over high heat, reduce the liquid until syrupy and add to the
  shrimp mixture. Add the cilantro and stir to combine. TO ASSEMBLE THE
  DISH: Remove the husks from the water, drain, and pat dry. Spread out
  the corn husks on a dry work surface. Pinch off an egg-size piece of
  the masa
  mixture. Pat it into the corn husk, flattening the dough to
  approximately 4 inches square and 1/4-inch thick, leaving a border of
  husk at least 1/2-inch wide around the perimeter of the dough. Spread
  a tablespoon of the filling lengthwise in the center of the dough.
  Fold the husk together until the edges overlap and the masa and its
  filling are completely enclosed by the husk. Gently flatten the top
  and bottom of the husk and fold the ends up to enclose. Repeat with
  the other 7 husks. Place folded side down in a steamer over boiling
  water and steam, covered, for 45 minutes. TO SERVE: Open the husks to
  reveal the tamales and place on a warm plate. Spoon the Four-Pepper
  Cream over the tamales and garnish with cilantro sprigs and diced
  peppers. Serve immediately. Yield: 4 servings FOUR-PEPPER CREAM 1
  tablespoon olive oil 3/4 cup minced shallots 2 teaspoons seeded and
  chopped serrano chiles 1 cup dry white wine 2 1/2 cups rich shrimp or
  chicken stock 3/4 cup heavy cream 2 tablespoons finely diced red bell
  pepper 2 tablespoons finely diced yellow bell pepper 2 tablespoons
  finely diced green bell pepper Kosher salt and freshly ground white
  pepper Drops of fresh lemon or lime juice In a medium saute pan, heat
  the olive oil and saute the shallots and serranos until soft but not
  brown. Add the wine and stock and bring to a boil. Continue to boil
  until the mixture is reduced by half. Add the cream and continue to
  boil until the mixture is reduced to a light sauce consistency. Stir
  in the diced bell peppers and season to taste with salt, pepper and
  drops of lemon juice. Serve warm. (Four-Pepper Cream can be made up
  to a day ahead, stored in the refrigerator, and reheated gently in a
  water bath.) 

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