Rose petal jelly
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Rose petal jelly
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      Title: Rose petal jelly
 Categories: Canning, Flowers, Harned 1994, Jam/jelly, Preserving
      Yield: 1 Batch
      2 c  Loosely packed rose petals
           -- fresh, washed, unsprayed
           -- stems & centers removed
      2 c  ;Water
  3 3/4 c  Sugar
      3 tb Strained fresh lemon juice
      3 oz Liquid pectin
           -- such as Certo, Sure-jell
  Sauer writes:  "Here is a recipe that Crescent Dragonwagon posted on
  another service. Although I have not yet tried it, I have had great
  success with all of her recipes.  (She and her husband own the Dairy
  Hollow House Bed and Breakfast in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and she's
  the author of several outstanding cookbooks, which include fantastic
  vegetarian recipes.)"
  Pulse water and rose petals in processor briefly.  You don't want a
  pulp, just a coarse chop, a few on-offs.  Scrape mixture into a large
  (3 quart) saucepan, bring to a boil quickly, and immediately turn off
  heat. Let rose petals infuse in water 15 minutes.  Strain, discarding
  spent petals.
  Measure out 1 3/4 cups rose infusion and replace in saucepan.  Add
  sugar and lemon and bring to a high, hard boil, stirring until sugar
  is dissolved and mixture has reached a boil that cannot be stirred
  down. At this point, add pectin.  Return to hard boil, and let boil
  at a full roll exactly one minute (time it).  Remove from heat.
  Put up hot, in hot jars, checking for seal once jelly has cooled.
  NOTES:  The rose petal jelly will change from pink or reddish to
  brown, then back during the process.
  Variations:  This basic recipe works beautifully for herb infusions.
  Sweet basil jelly is divine.
  From: (Virginia.B.Sauer) in
  Electronic format by Cathy Harned.

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Recipe ID 52809 (Apr 03, 2005)

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