Scapice - marinated anchovies
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Scapice - marinated anchovies
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      Title: Scapice - marinated anchovies
 Categories: Italian, Fish
      Yield: 6 Servings
           Stephen Ceideburg
      1 kg Anchovies
      3 tb Flour
           Salt and pepper to taste
      1 c  White wine
      3    Cloves garlic, Crushed
      2    Birdseye chillies
      3 tb Mint
  Just about every cuisine of Europe has a recipe for oily fish steeped
  in vinegar or lemon and served cold. In Spain it is escabeche. The
  English have soused herrings. In southern Italy, they make scapice.
  Remove the heads and gut 1 kg fresh anchovies. Wash them and set
  aside on kitchen paper to dry.
  When they are dry, heat oil for deep-frying. Put 3 table- spoons plain
  flour in a paper or plastic bag and add salt and pepper. In batches,
  put the anchovies into the bag and shake until they are coated with
  seasoned flour. Shake off excess flour, then deep-fry. Drain the
  cooked anchovies and lay them in a large shallow pan.
  In a saucepan heat a cup of white wine vinegar with 3 cloves of garlic
  crushed, 2 birdseye chillies halved lengthways and 3 tablespoons mint,
  finely chopped. When the mixture comes to the boil, spoon it over the
  fish. Cover the dish and refrigerate for at least 24 hours, turning
  the fish midway.
  Serve as an antipasto with crusty bread.
  Posted by Stephen Ceideburg
  From an article by Meryl Constance in The Sydney Morning Herald,
  4/20/93. Courtesy Mark Herron.

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