Simmered apple
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Simmered apple
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      Title: Simmered apple
 Categories: Fruits, Family
      Yield: 1 Serving
      1    Apple, peeled and cored
      1 c  Wine, preferably
           -kosher lePesach
      2 tb Brown sugar
    1/2 ts Cinnamon, ground
           -(or more, to taste)
  Cut apple into at least sixteen pieces; arrange in small pan with
  wine and brown sugar.  (Unless wine is "sticky-sweet Kosher wine.")
  Simmer over low heat until "texture shows some evidence of cooking."
  Turn apples over periodically.  When both sides are done, remove from
  heat and dust with cinnamon.
  Beau's notes:
  *  One evening when, good ecumenist that I then was, I visited the
  Hillel Student Center (the occasion of my visit escapes me), someone
  had prepared a special Israeli concoction of apples in wine. Exactly
  how it was made, I did not quite figure out and I never asked, but I
  liked it and could tell that the person responsible had essentially
  somehow cooked or otherwise prepared apples in wine, very likely the
  sticky-sweet wine often used for Jewish ritual purposes. I thought it
  such a good thing that later I concocted my own dessert, very loosely
  based on the Israeli treat I had at the Hillel Center.  (If any
  Israeli, on reading this, accuses me of having maligned his or her
  national cuisine, I apologize deeply. However, I doubt this will be
  considered defamatory, only calorific. And perhaps, if the Israelis
  had nothing to do with this, they should wish they had. At least they
  inspired some shaygetz to come up with what follows.)
  *  This is good by itself (for one) or served as a topping for
  vanilla ice cream (two could eat it and be happy, but I could covet
  the whole thing).

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