Stuffed tomatoes & bell peppers
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Stuffed tomatoes & bell peppers
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      Title: Stuffed tomatoes & bell peppers
 Categories: Main dish, Meats, Vegetables
      Yield: 4 Servings
MMMMM------------------------PRE PREPARE-----------------------------
      1 c  Meat - Poultry recommended
      1 c  Dry rice Cooked and cooled
           -Should be roasted or baked.

MMMMM-------------------------HAVE READY------------------------------
           Olive Oil
           Soy Sauce
      1 pk Taco Seasoning (dry)
           Five Spice Powder
           Crushed Red Peppers (hot)
      1 sm Can chunky spaghetti sauce
           Whole Ginger and grater

MMMMM----------------CHOP FAIRLY SMALL, BOWL ONE---------------------
    1/2 md Red Bellpepper
    1/2 md Green Bellpepper
      2    Green onions
      2    Stalks Celery (including
      1 sm Yellow Onion
           -some of the leaves)
    1/2    Zuchini
      5 md Or 6 md Mushrooms

MMMMM--------------------------BOWL TWO-------------------------------
      3 md Carrots - grated

MMMMM-------------------------BOWL THREE------------------------------
      5    To 6 Roma Tomatoes,
           -Juice & center of
           -cut up with seeds and juice
           -baking tomatoes

MMMMM-------------------CUT UP IN SMALL PIECES------------------------
      1 cn Whole tomatoes (bowl 3)

MMMMM-------------------------BOWL FOUR------------------------------
      1 c  Cooked meat, flaked into
           -bite size chunks. Poultry -
           -chicken or turkey is
           -recommended, but experiment

MMMMM-------------------HAVE READY TO PREPARE------------------------
      5 lg To 6 Garlic cloves, cleaned
           Ginger root (fresh)
      4 lg To 5 lg Bell Peppers,*
      3 lg To 4 lg Tomatoes,**
  * Green or Red, cored and rinsed of seeds ** cored and the insides
  spooned out into bowl 3. PREPARATION: In a large frying pan, heat pan
  and add olive oil. Press 2 cloves of garlic into oil, and stir. When
  it begins to cook, add Bowl #2 (carrots). Stir carefully, and when it
  stops spitting, add Bowl #1. Add soy to taste to mixture and toss.
  Let cook until onions start to clarify, stirring frequently. Add the
  fresh tomato bowl (Bowl #3) and stir until tomatoes are tender. Add
  the cooked tomatoes and juice, and stir in well. While cooking, grate
  the ginger, add the remaining garlic (crushed). When mixture begins
  to dry, add the spaghetti sauce, a dash of nutmeg, a dash of five
  spice powder, pepper, and the taco sauce mixture. Stir in the powder
  well. Let the sauce cool for a few minutes on simmer, and taste. Add
  crushed red peppers to desired taste, but sauce should be hot. I used
  about a 1/2 tsp. Add enough water to make it mix well, and add the
  meat (Bowl #4). Reduce until semi-thick while stirring (or it will
  stick) Let it cool for a few moments. Mix equal amounts of rice and
  sauce in a bowl, about 3 Tbsp for each item to be stuffed. Stuff the
  tomatoes and peppers carefully, trying to fill all gaps. Arrange on
  pan that fits them, and bake at 350 degrees for about a half hour. Be
  careful to fill them completely, but not overfill, the idea being
  that they should not leak any of the sauce. When done, the skins will
  be wrinkled and lighter in color, but still have some crunch. Serve
  with extra unused sauce as a toping. The baked sauce will be far less
  spicy than the origional sauce. Sauce can also be served over rice.

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