Tofu-Vegetable Pizza
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Tofu-Vegetable Pizza
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      Title: Tofu-vegetable pizza
 Categories: Main dish, Italian, Tofu, Mark's
      Yield: 1 Pizza
MMMMM------------------------PIZZA DOUGH-----------------------------
      1 tb Dry yeast
      1 c  Warm water
      1 ts Sugar
      2 c  Unbleached all-purpose flour
      1 tb Olive oil
    1/2 ts Salt

MMMMM-----------------------PIZZA TOPPINGS----------------------------
      2 tb Olive oil
      1 md Onion, finely chopped
      2 ea Garlic clove, chopped
      1 ea Red bell pepper, chopped
      1 ea Green bell pepper, chopped
  1 1/2 ts Basil
      2 c  Tomatoes, chopped
      8 oz Tofu, frozen, thawed &
           -- shredded
    1/2 c  Parsley, chopped
    1/4 c  Black olives, chopped
           Nutritional yeast
  DOUGH: Dissolve the yeast in water with the sugar & let proof. Mix in
  the other ingredients in order. When the dough holds together (add
  more water or flour as necessary) turn out onto a floured board &
  knead until it is elastic & soft.  Cover & let rest for about 40
  minutes. Roll out as thin as you can without breaking the dough.
  Place either on a 17" pizza pan or on a cookie sheet.  Set aside.
  PIZZA TOPPINGS: Saute the onion & garlic in the olive oil until the
  onions are translucent.  Add the basil & bell peppers & saute for 5
  minutes. Add the shredded tofu & cook 3 minutes or so. Add the
  parsley, tomatoes & olives.  Remove from the heat.  Spread the
  vegetables on the pizza crust & sprinkle with the nutritional yeast.
  Bake for 5 to 10 minutes at 450F until the crust is golden & the
  vegetables are sizzling.
  NOTE: The baking time is dependent upon how thick your crust is.
  Also, you can use your favourite pizza crust too.

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Recipe ID 61525 (Apr 03, 2005)

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