Lime-ginger smoked salmon
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Lime-ginger smoked salmon
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      Title: Lime-ginger smoked salmon
 Categories: Bbq/grill, Low-cal/fat, Seafood, Diabetic, Smoker
      Yield: 6 Servings
      3 lb Whole salmon
      1    Lime; juiced
      1 tb Grated lime peel
      1 tb Fresh ginger AND
      1 ts Powdered ginger
      3    Handfuls dried apple OR
           Maple twigs
     12 oz Apple juice
    1/2 ts Powdered ginger OR
      3 sl Fresh ginger
      3 c  Cooked brown rice OR
    Clean salmon; discard head.  Peel ginger and slice very thin. Wash
  and pat salmon dry.  Rub salmon with lime juice. Put ginger slices
  and lime peel inside cavity of fish. Sprinkle powdered ginger over
  exterior of fish. cover fish lightly with plastic wrap and
  refrigerate 2 hours.
    Soak twigs 30 in water 30 minutes; drain.
    Prepare smoker according to manufacturer's directions. Fill fire pan
  about three-quarters full of hardwood charcoal and heat coals. Arrange
  twigs over hot coals. Fill water pan about three-quarters full with
  hot water.  Add apple juice and ginger to water pan and place pan in
  smoker as aromatic.
    Unwrap salmon and place on sprayed grid.  cover quickly. smoke
  salmon about 3 hours or until fish flakes easily when prodded with
  fork. Skin will turn a smoky color.
    While smoking, remember not to remove lid of smoker more than is
  necessary because it allows heat and moisture to escape, which slows
  the smoking process. also, while using smoker, check every 30 minutes
  to see if hot water or coals have to be replenished. Be careful and
  use pot holders.
    Serve fish warm or cold with hot rice.
  NOTE:  A perfect way to store fresh ginger is to peel it, place it in
  a small jar, cover it with sherry, and refrigerate. The sherry adds
  flavor and body to the taste of the ginger.
  Nutritional information per serving:  Carbohydrates - 23.2g; Protein -
  34.9g; Fat - 8.6g; Sat. Fat - 1.8g; Calories - 378; % Calories from
  fat - 25; Sodium - 141mg; Cholesterol - 40.7mg
    Exchanges per serving:  1.5 bread exchanges Plus 4 meat exchanges

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Recipe ID 62397 (Apr 03, 2005)

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