Types Of Chile Peppers 1
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Types Of Chile Peppers 1
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      Title: Types of chile peppers 1
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  Poblano ~Appearance: thick-fleshed, shaped like a bell pepper with
  collapsed sides tapering to a point; 3" to 5" long, 2" to 3" wide
  near the stem; grows dark green and becomes dark red when fully
  matured. ~Flavor: smoke-roasted and earthy with full, green flavor.
  ~Firepower: tropical; a comfortable "3" on the heat scale. ~Best
  uses: roasted and peeled in casseroles and soups and sauces; stuffed
  for chiles rellenos.
  Anaheim (New Mexican) ~Appearance: long, smooth and bluntly pointed
  with medium-thick flesh; 5" to 7" long, 1" to 2" wide; glossy green,
  orange-red or bright scarlet. -Flavor: clear-cutting, sweet, earthy
  flavor. ~Firepower: lukewarm; ranges between "4" and "2" on the heat
  scale. ~Best Uses: in most Southwestern dishes including beverages,
  sauces, salads, stew chilies rellenos, tamales, casseroles,
  dressings, candies and desserts.
  Note: dried crushed red New Mexican and Anaheim are commonly sold as
  crushed red pepper flakes; Anaheims are milder than New Mexican and
  are often sold whole or chopped in cans as generic "mild green
  Cayenne ~Appearance: long, thin-fleshed, sharply pointed pods, either
  straight or curled at the tip; 6" to 10" long, 1" wide; ripens to
  brick red. -Flavor: acidic and tart (also exudes smoky undertones
  when dried). ~Firepower: incendiary; a dangerous "8" on the heat
  scale. -Best Uses: fresh in salsa or salads; dried and crushed in
  Creole dishes or whole in Asian stir-fry dishes.
  Note: dried red cayenne is commonly ground into a spice known as
  cayenne pepper or processed into hot pepper sauces such as Tabasco;
  in world commerce, dried cayenne pods are known as Ginnie peppers.
  Serrano ~Appearance: torpedo-shaped and thick-fleshed, but longer than
  jalape¤os; 1" to 3" long, ¬" to «" wide' grows dark green and usually
  ripens to red, but sometimes brown, orange or yellow. ~Flavor:
  pleasantly acrid flavor with clean, biting heat. ~Firepower: blazing,
  but less explosive than de arbol; a low "7" or high "6" on the heat
  scale. ~Best Uses: fresh in salsa; roasted in sauces; pickled with
  carrots and onions.
  Pasilla (Chilaca) ~Appearance: long, cylindrical and furrowed; over 6"
  long, 1" wide; grows dark green; ripens to dark brown. ~Flavor:
  raisin-like aroma with sweet berry overtones. ~Firepower: tepid; an
  unobtrusive "3" on the heat scale. ~Best Uses: dried or powdered in
  sauces or moles such as guacamole.
  Note: in California and northern Mexico, fresh and dried Poblanos are
  often mistakenly named Pasillas.
                         Vegetarian Gourmet
                             Spring 1995
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