Veal picatta (pitts)
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Veal picatta (pitts)
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      Title: Veal picatta (pitts)
 Categories: Veal
      Yield: 4 Servings
      1 lb Boneless veal cutlets
           Flour seasoned with
           Salt and lemon pepper
           Dry white wine
           Chicken broth
           Olive oil or clarified
           Butter for frying
           Fresh lemon juice
           Pepper & oregano for taste
  Heat oil or butter in a large frying pan until it develops a
  fragrance. Meanwhile, pound the cutlets lightly (do not break the
  meat), and dip in the seasoned flour.
  Pop the cutlets into the pan (in batches if necessary, do not
  overcrowd the pan), and brown on both sides. Remove from the pan and
  keep warm.
  Pour off the excess fat, leaving just a thin film, and the brown bits
  on the bottom of the pan.  Add a healthy glug of wine, and stir
  wildly until the browned bits come off the bottom and begin to
  dissolve. Add chicken broth, and continue cooking, stirring, until
  reduced by half (you only want a couple of tablespoons of sauce per
  serving). Add the juice of a fresh lemon, salt, pepper and oregano to
  taste. Pour the sauce over the cutlets, and serve.
  We like this with pasta dressed with a little butter or olive oil and
  Parmesan cheese, and a steamed green vegetable.
  Sorry there are no quantities here -- I just toss stuff in the general
  direction of the saute pan and keep cooking until it looks right.
  If you really want to get fancy, cut a lemon into thin slices and use
  the slices to garnish the meat.  A sprinkling of parsley wouldn't hurt
  anything, either....
  Courtesy of Kathy Pitts

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