Vegan: corn tortillas
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Vegan: corn tortillas
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      Title: Vegan: corn tortillas
 Categories: None
      Yield: 1 Servings
      2 c  Masa harina
    1/2 ts Salt
      1 c  Warm water
  With a fork, mix the Masa and salt. Add the water slowly until the
  masa holds together and the water is absorbed evenly. The tortilla
  dough will be moist, but not overly sticky. Divide the dough into 12
  balls (about the size of golf balls). Cover with plastic, as you
  don't want the dough to dry out.
  To make the tortillas, take a piece of wax paper and fold it in half.
  Place a ball of dough in between the wax paper. Squish the ball down
  using the bottom of a pie plate (PYREX is best, since you can see
  what's going on). When the tortillas is thin, but not too thin,
  you're done. Do this for all tortillas, layering them with the used
  wax paper sheets so they don't dry out.
  Heat a cast iron skillet to _hot_. Tortillas must cook fast else they
  dry out. Cook each tortillas, flipping it several times and
  encoraging steam to form; if you're lucky or skilled the tortilla
  will puff up like a baloon. This should be encouraged by pressing
  lightly on the tortilla with the bottom of a spatula while the
  tortilla is cooking. The steam keeps the tortillas moist and tender.
  The tortilla is done when light brown patches appear on both sides.
  Place the baked tortillas in a towel-lined basket (or use the pie
  plate). Cover with another towel; this steams the tortillas. Colleen
  Colleen Wirth                                         Annals of
                              Princeton University

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