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Introduction to Phrack 10

			       ==Phrack Inc.==

		     Volume Two, Issue Ten, Phile #1 of 9


  Well, we have made it to this, the start of a new year and the start of a new
volume of Phrack Inc.  This has taken quite a while to get the long awaited
issue out, and it's been procrastinated quite a bit, so I apologize to those
that have been patiently waiting.  We have purposely waited a bit, but we also
are releasing this Phrack approximately at the same time as the Legion of
Doom/Hackers Technical Journal, which is another high quality newsletter
working with us rather than against us, and I personally recommend the
documents as highly informative.  I really enjoyed it and hope you continue to
support both of us.

  If you wish to write for Phrack Inc., merely get in touch with myself, Knight
Lightning, Cheap Shades or Beer Wolf or anyone that knows us or is on any of
the MSP boards and we shall either get back to you or get in contact with you
in some manner.  File topics can be either telecommunications or on operating
systems or some unique aspect/flaw of security.  Be looking forward to more
Phrack issues in the near and far future.  Later -TK


This issue of Phrack Inc. includes the following:

#1  Introduction to Phrack 10 by Taran King (2.2k)
#2  Pro-Phile on Dave Starr by Taran King (7.5k)
#3  The TMC Primer by Cap'n Crax (6.1k)
#4  A Beginner's Guide to the IBM VM/370 by Elric of Imrryr (3.5k)
#5  Circuit Switched Digital Capability by The Executioner (11.9k)
#6  Hacking Primos Part I by Evil Jay (10.9k)
#7  Automatic Number Identification by Phantom Phreaker and Doom Prophet
#8  Phrack World News 9 Part I by Knight Lightning (22.7k)
#9  Phrack World News 9 Part II by Knight Lightning (14.8k)


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