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Pro-Phile on Dave Starr

				==Phrack Inc.=

		     Volume Two, Issue 10, Phile #2 of 9

			    ==Phrack Pro-Phile 7==

		       Written and Created by Taran King


  Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile 7.  Phrack Pro-Phile is created to bring info to
you, the users, about old or highly important/controversial people.  This
month, I bring to you a user from the golden years of hacking and phreaking...

				  Dave Starr
				  ~~~~ ~~~~~

  Dave is one of the old phreakers and hackers that accomplished so much
through voice phreaking and literal hacking rather than reading others'
findings to learn.  A master engineer, voice phreaking is one unto itself.
Dave has a PhD in B.S.

	     Handle: Dave Starr
	   Call him: Dave Starr
       Past handles: Micronet Phantom and Big Brother
      Handle origin: Micronet Phantom came from working with The Source
		     computer and Big Brother, of course, came from George
		     Orwell's 1984.
      Date of Birth: 5/6/62
Age at current date: 24
	     Height: 6' 0"
	     Weight: 170 lbs.
	  Eye color: Brown
	 Hair Color: Light Brown
	  Computers: TRS-80 (4k version), Apple ][, ][+, ][e
  Sysop/Co-Sysop of: Starcom Network

  Dave started out on The Source, and stuck with them for 6 to 8 months hacking
around the system because the system was so slow security-wise, and of course,
from there, he got involved with hacking Primes.  One of the security agents
named Paul from Dialcom got in contact with Dave and discussed Dave's hacking
on The Source (his system).  After talking, they found they had common
interests, which included hacking and phreaking.  Paul gave Dave his first code
to a local dial-up for Sprint.	He also led him in the direction of 8BBS, which
brought him to meet the best of the nation's phreakers and hackers at the time,
which included Susan Thunder, Roscoe DuPran, and Kevin Mitnick.  Susan and
Roscoe were strong friends of Dave that he personally met as well as Kevin, but
he never met Kevin.  He met Susan in the L.A.  County Courthouse testifying
against her, with Susan and Roscoe using these handles as real names on the
charges of harassment.	The phreak/hack BBS's that were most memorable for Dave
were 8BBS and his own, Starcom Network, which had hidden commands for accessing
the phreak section.  Starcom Network was a nationally networked system that
Dave created and operated.  This was a virtual copy of The Source, for which he
went to court over.  They claimed it was their system, but he supressed them
with a threat of publicity.  Modem Over Manhattan was another memorable board
on a TRS-80.  He attributes his phreak knowledge to Paul from Dialcom and to
The Source for his hacking ability as well as Susan Thunder for information on

  Dave Starr does intelligence and counter-intelligence work for anyone who has
money and who is not against the United States or the views of the United

  Dave has always operated independently, never being a member of a club or
group, and has hand-picked his partners.


	Interests: Telecomputing (phreaking and hacking), movies, a
		   fascination with the match-making systems (Dial-Your-Match
		   type systems), fun, video components.

Dave's Favorite Things

       Women: A quiet evening with the girlfriends (NOTE: Plural).
	Cars: Mercedes 450-SL (his girlfriend's).
       Foods: Italian.
       Music: Anything excluding acid rock/heavy metal.
     Leisure: Smoking, but he hates cigarettes.

Most Memorable Experiences

Bringing The Source's system to their knees.
The Source hackers made demands of a rate of reduction to a minimum of a 33%
 decrease, which was sent with the comment, "I am in business so I understand
 the money, but you are becoming too fucking greedy."  Also, an article in
 Source-World magazine was demanded, bigger than the one in the last issue
 which was to contain the following: how long they'd been on the Source, why
 they were doing this, The Source's demented point of view, their correct
 point of view, how long they have been terrorizing the Source, and an apology
 for lying to all the users that the rate increase was necessary, AND an open
 apology to The Pirate and Micronet Phantom saying sorry for all the trouble
 The Source had caused them in their quest for fair and free Sourcing.	They
 wanted 2 seclev 4 accounts (normal is 3).  They assured The Source that they
 could get them here for free, and low-and-behold, they could create anything,
 but they didn't want the harassment.  If they did get harassed, they would
 immediately log in under seclev 7 and kill the system.  The threatened that
 various accounts would be killed (all with seclev 4 and up).  The Source
 person wrote, "Was this ever answered?".  They then went on to say that they
 wouldn't do any more terrorizing provided that it was responded to their
 acct. within 20 minutes.

For deleting an account, he sent back a message saying, "Fuck you".  He
 explained how they were powerless against The Pirate and Micronet Phantom,
 and how The Source shouldn't even try to catch them.  They were to continue
 to attack "The Empire" (The Source) until it was fair for the users.
Numerous other letters that played to the same tune.

Some People to Mention

TCA Vic of The Source - Customer Service Manager/Gestapo Police
			(Who he dearly hated and always has thought of
			 sticking a broomstick up his ass)
Paul of Dialcom (Introduced him to phreaking and put his paranoia to rest)
Susan Thunder (For teaching him RSTS and other things)
Bruce Patton (On his rag list due to a disagreement.  He received a
	      electricity shut-down and a phone system shut-down of his law
	      office as well as forwarding all calls to the 8BBS)
Roscoe DuPran (For having him go to court with him and meeting Susan in
	       person and for many other things [unmentionable here])
The Pirate of Las Vegas (For his helpful continual harassment of The Source)
Kevin Metnick (For his infrequent but helpful service)
Larry of Modem Over Manhattan (For being there and his BBS being there)
Bernard of 8BBS (For being there and his BBS being there)


I hope you enjoyed this file, look forward to more Phrack Pro-Philes coming in
the near future.  ...And now for the regularly taken poll from all interviewees.

Of the general population of phreaks you have met, would you consider most
phreaks, if any, to be computer geeks?	Only The Pirate, a 13 year old, fit
this description.  Thank you for your time, Dave.

					    Taran King
				   Sysop of Metal Shop Private


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