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Pro-Phile IX on Agrajag The Prolonged

                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Two, Issue 12, Phile #2 of 11

                           ==Phrack Pro-Phile IX==

                      Written and Created by Taran King


         Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile V. Phrack Pro-Phile is created to bring
info to you, the users, about old or highly important/controversial people.
This month, I bring to you a name from the past...

                            Agrajag The Prolonged

         Agrajag was popular on many boards and hung out with many of the
stronger names in the phreak/hack community.
             Handle: Agrajag The Prolonged
           Call him: Keith
       Past handles: None
      Handle origin: Fictional character in Hitchhiker Trilogy
      Date of Birth: 6/14/67
Age at current date: 19 years old
             Height: 6'2"
             Weight: 139 lbs.
          Eye color: Brown
         Hair Color: Depends on the day (Orange, Brown, Black, Hot Pink, etc.)
          Computers: TRS Model III, worked his way up to a TVI 950 Dumb

         Agrajag started phreaking and hacking in about 1979 through the help
of some friends of his.  He originally started hacking (programming) on a
Vector 8080 in 4th grade.  His instructor then is now one of the top 5
computer instructors. Phreaking began with, of course, codes but he was very
interested in how the phone system worked.  He had read some books on the
phone company and their evils in their earlier days and he was very interested
in the very idea of becoming an operator.  Members of the elite world which he
has met include Tuc, BIOC Agent 003, Broadway Hacker (negative), and Cheshire
Catalyst, all at a Tap meeting he attended.  On regular BBSes, there were
listings for other BBSes which turned out to eventually be phreak BBSes.  Some
of the memorable phreak boards he was on included WOPR, OSUNY, Plovernet, and
Pirate 80.  His phreaking and hacking knowledge came about with the group of
people including Tuc, BIOC, and Karl Marx.

         Agrajag was a video game programmer for the last American owned video
game manufacturer, Cinematronix, Inc. (of Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, World
Series, and Danger Zone fame, of which he helped with World Series and a big
part of Danger Zone) which went bankrupt a bit over a month ago.

         Agrajag takes interviews for magazines (such as this) which keeps up
his phreak/hack activity.  He (and a bunch of others) were written up in a USA
Today article as well as being interviewed by a local paper when The Cracker
(Bill Landreth) got busted (they took pictures of the back of his head in
front of his computer).

         Agrajag was never in any major phreak groups except for The
Hitchhikers (Bring your towel!) which was just a group of local friends.


        Interests: Telecommunications (modeming, phreaking, hacking,
                   programming), music, concerts, club hopping, and video

Agrajag's Favorite Thing

       Club/Bar hopping: Tijuanna (TJ)

Most Memorable Experiences

Going officing.  Tuc, BIOC, and he were let into a local CO and they used
          their copying machine to make copies of their manuals.  They
          replaced the paper [over 2 reams] later and didn't steal anything
          major besides the paper and a few NY Bell signs.
Called supervisors saying that they had witnessed some trunks red-lighting and
          there would be severe problems if they didn't contact this guy,
          Abbot Went, in San Francisco.  There were about 10 supervisors in
          mass hysteria (on Thanksgiving) wondering what to do.  Later, they
          called up Abbot again saying they were the White House switch and
          said some kids were fooling around.
Breaking into his school's computer in his senior year mid-semester.  He had
          scanned it out on a school prefix and the login and password was the
          name of his school.  It was a TOPS-20 system and he was well enough
          versed in TOPS-20 to know what to do.  The next day, he told the
          vice-principal that he had broken into the computer and that they
          had some major security problems.  They said he was bullshitting and
          he told them to read their mail.  Then, later, he brought in his
          equipment and showed them with the principal there.  He was
          threatened by the principal with police, etc. but he told them to go
          to hell.  He was later offered a job helping the security on the
          system but instead, he told them how they could solve the security
          problem and didn't take the job.
Agrajag's teacher asking him to do a credit check on someone illegally.  He
          eventually did part of it, but the teacher was an asshole so he
          didn't give all the information to him.
Getting flown to the Tap meeting by a friend.

Some People to Mention

BIOC Agent 003
Karl Marx
Automatic Jack

All for being friends and all around good people and phreaks.


         Agrajag is out and out against the idea of the destruction of data.
He hated a person intensely because they posted private lines with
instructions on how to maim a system owned by someone who was already hated.
He deleted the message (he was co-sysop) and it became a bit controversial.
He hated that then and still has no respect for anyone who does this.  Where
have all the good times gone?


I hope you enjoyed this phile, look forward to more Phrack Pro-Philes coming
in the near future.  ...And now for the regularly taken poll from all

Of the general population of phreaks you have met, would you consider most
phreaks, if any, to be computer geeks?  The general populus, yes, but good
phreaks, no.  Thank you for your time, Agrajag.

                                            Taran King
                                   Sysop of Metal Shop Private

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