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Preview to Phrack 13-The Life & Times of The Executioner

                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Two, Issue 12, Phile #3 of 11

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                %    The Life & Times of The Executioner    %
                %                                           %
                %              by Oryan QUEST               %
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                %            Written on 3/16/87             %
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This file was not written with the intention of being cute, funny or to tell
fellow phreaks and hacks how lame or stupid they are.  It was written to open
the eyes of these idiots to see what the REAL story is.

The Executioner/Mikey
I'm am sure the majority of you have heard of "Exy."  His claim to fame is
simply telling people how lame they are or how great and sexy he is.  He also
claims to be wealthy and that Phreak Klass 2600 is the best bulletin board on
this side of the galaxy.  Let us examine some key events.

When Metal Shop Private was up, Mr. Sexy Exy (oh and I doubt he really is),
proceeded to rag on everyone on the system with the exception of a few that he
ass-kissed.  He then turns around when Phreak Klass 2600 (and I am in no way
ragging on Phreak Klass) goes up, to ask everyone he has annoyed for over 2
months and badgers them to call.  Now, Mike, I seriously doubt you are as sexy
as you claim for several reasons.  Just by the nature of your attitude, the
way you think you are powerful because you can "tell" people about their lives
and families when you yourself are a Chinese bastard who has an unemployed
father that can barely speak the English language.

                       "Miko ith no heeahh riiitte nao"
                        (Michael is no here right now)

You have ragged on Arthur Dent when you know that you will NEVER receive the
admiration or stature whether it be socially or economically he has attained.
You have ragged on Dr. Doom when he has achieved more than you can ever hope
for.  You only commenced to rag on him when he turned down your offer to join
PhoneLine Phantoms.  This is because he refused to be associated with an
asshole like you.  You continually show signs of immaturity (I am not saying I
am perfect) by poking fun at other people's races (blacks, spics, Iranians)
when you yourself are nothing but a rice dick.

You bad mouth people but, when you need their help you beg for it and ask them
to be cool.  You write stupid poems and rhymes about people when they are a
TOTAL misrepresentation of facts.  You claim Dr. Doom is so ugly he could
never leave his room.  Tell me, have you ever met Dr. Doom?  Isn't it true
that you ragged on him only because he didn't want anything to do with you,
your group, and your image?

Are you going to rag on me now and prove all the points I have brought out?  I
think so.  You ragged on me, telling me my family receives government cheese
handouts and telling me what a loser I am when you yourself have never met me
or bothered to seek the real facts.  You then proceeded to badger me to join
your new "legion of queers," The Network Technicians telling me how cool it
would be and begging me to help you learn.  But don't I receive government
cheese handouts?  Aren't I such a loser?  Mr. Solid State trusted you and
joined PLP.  He thought nothing bad of you at the time.  He just considered
all the rumors about you to be false or misrepresentation. When PLP dissolved,
he saw no purpose to be in any longer and dropped out.  You proceeded to rag
on him, when you know you aren't half the man he is.  You don't even possess
half the knowledge or personality he has.  Tell me, what gives you such
authority to rag on people?  What makes you so supreme?  Why are you so rich,
when you are 18 and don't even have a car, when you go on and on about your

You rag on Atlantis because you were kicked off.  Now you tell people how lame
it is and how stupid The Lineman and Sir William are.  When you know that they
were sick of your, "I am supreme attitude," of your childish antics and your
lack of knowledge of any kind.

Well, Exy, rag on me now, tell me how lame I am, insult me.  Make your poems,
songs, and raps.  Tell me what kind of a loser I am.  Insult Solid State, show
us just how childish you can be.  Until then, go back into your dream world
and leave us alone.

                                 Oryan QUEST

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