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Phrack XIII Index

                                 ==Phrack Inc.==
                     Volume Two, Issue 13, Phile #1 of 10


  Well, as a tribute to April Fools Day (4/1/87) and as a break to the normal
grinding speed of Phrack Inc.  (HA!), we at Phrack Inc.  have taken a break to
be stupid, to get our frustrations out, to make fun of people, places, and
things, and to be just generally obnoxious.

  This issue was delayed due to THE EXECUTIONER who may be blamed for the slow
date release of this issue.  We currently believe him to be trekking back to
his home in the Himalayas to hide with his mom (Saskwatch).  Heh...  Just
getting you in the mood for what's ahead.

  This issue is NOT to be taken seriously in any manner (except anything
mentioned about Oryan Quest) and is put together extremely loosely.  None of
the files have been formatted.  None of the files have been spell- checked.
Don't expect quality from this issue...just have fun.  Later.

                                                      Taran King
                                             Sysop of Metal Shop Private


Table of Contents:

#1  Phrack XIII Index by Taran King (2.0K)
#2  Real Phreaker's Guide Vol. 2 by Taran King and Knight Lightning (5.2K)
#3  How to Fuck Up the World - A Parody by Thomas Covenant (9.5K)
#4  How to Build a Paisley Box by Thomas Covenant and Double Helix (4.5K)
#5  Phreaks In Verse by Sir Francis Drake (3.1K)
#6  R.A.G. - Rodents Are Gay by Evil Jay (5.8K)
#7  Are You A Phone Geek?  by Doom Prophet (8.8K)
#8  Computerists Underground News Tabloid - CUNT by Crimson Death (10.5K)
#9  RAGS - The Best of Sexy Exy (19.2K)
#10 Phrack World News XIII by Knight Lightning (26.0 K)

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