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Phreaks In Verse

                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Two, Issue 13, Phile #5 of 10

                              Phreaks In Verse!


                       Sir Francis Drake And Aiken Drum

Welcome to this file,
We hope you will spend a while,
With us today.
Perhaps you will be enlightened, in a way.

This file is about phreaks,
And hacks.  We have spent weeks
writing about people in verse.
You can pick who is worse,
Our poetry or them.

We mean no insult,
And we hope as a result
No on will kill us.
'Cause we wouldn't like that OK?

Shooting Shark

His name is Shark,
He thinks UNIX is a lark.
He can even log people out!
(The legality of this we doubt)
He looks like Robin Williams.
And maby he'll make millions
Writing UNIX software!
(Wolf will tell him what to wear.)

Oryan QUEST (Agent Orange)

Oh! Poor Oryan QUEST!
Many call him a pest.
"Stan", they cry,
"Why do you lie?"
The color of his car keeps changing,
Perhaps its because I'm aging,
But even if my brain is weak
I know he said his car was RED last week,
But today he said BLUE!
Tell me the truth Stan, please do.
But he knows quite a bit,
And if he dosn't throw a fit,
He can be an OK guy.

Lex Luthor

His real name is funny,
(And it isn't Bunny)
But a joke he is not,
He knows a hell of alot.
Of phreaks, and hacks, and little blue box.
Hes head of LODH, a club that rocks.
He's a secretive guy,
But I think we all know why.
(He even made me change this poem,
 Oh well.  I owed him.)
And no he dosn't sound like Yogi Bear
No matter what Bill may dare
to say.

Knight Lightning

Knight Lighting likes dots, *'s, and slashes.
He sits at the CRT so long he gets rashes.
Making those NEAT title screens
Is the thrill of his teens!
But we all think he's a swell guy,
'Cause he gives everything a try.

Silver Spy

Silver Spy!
He's a conservative guy.
He runs a elite BBS-- Catch-22.
It dosn't get many posts, boo-hoo.
But what other board can you see,
Limericks when you log on...tee-hee.

Bill From RNOC

Bill from RNOC
Is from New Yawrk.
Smarter than the average phreak,
His opinions are not meak.
He designs PBX's for fun,
But he needs to spend more time in the sun.
Soon you will see,
Bill working for NT.      (*NT is Northern Telecom for you stupid people*)

Taran King

What a terrific guy is Taran King,
Working on Phrack and runing MSP is his thing.
He's a bit redneckish;
(he won't admit he has a homosexual fetish.)
But of the phreak community he is a piller,
And without him we would wither.
And if I keep patting his back,
Maby he'll put this file in Prack.


Oh no! I fear
The end of the file is here.
This file, about all these people who are ELITE,
Can be followed by one word...DELETE.


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