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Making Free Local Payfone Calls

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*                                                                       * 
*            How to "steal" local calls from most Payphones             * 
*                                                                       * 
*                            August 25, 1987                            * 
*                                                                       * 
*                   By Killer Smurf and Pax Daronicus                   *
*                                                                       * 
     Most of you have seen WarGames, right? Remember the part where David 
was stranded in Colorado and needed to call his girlfriend in Seattle? We 
knew you did.  If you didn't, what David done was unscrew the  mouthpiece 
on  the payphone and make some connection between the mouthpiece and  the 
phone.  Well... that was pretty close to reality except for two things... 
1> Nowadays,  mouthpieces are un-unscrewable, and 2> You cannot make long 
distance  or toll calls using that method.  Maybe that DID work on  older 
phones, but you know Ma Bell.  She always has a damn cure for every thing 
us Phreaks do.  She glued on the mouthpiece!
     Now to make free local calls, you need a  finishing nail.  We highly 
recommend "6D E.G. FINISH C/H, 2 INCH" nails.  These are about 3/32 of an 
inch  in diameter and 2 inches long (of course).  You also need  a  large 
size  paper  clip.  By  large  we  mean they  are  about  2  inches  long 
(FOLDED).  Then  you  unfold the paper clip.  Unfold it  by  taking  each 
piece  and  moving  it out 90 degrees.  When it is done  it  should  look 
somewhat like this:
                             :          :
                             :          :
                             :          :
                             :          :
     Now,  on to the neat stuff.  What you do,  instead of unscrewing the 
glued-on  mouthpiece,  is  insert the nail into the center  hole  of  the 
mouthpiece  (where you talk) and push it in with pressure or just  hammer 
it in by hitting the nail on something.  Just DON'T KILL THE  MOUTHPIECE! 
You  could  damage  it if you insert the nail too far or  at  some  weird 
angle.  If  this happens then the other party won't be able to hear  what 
you say.
     You now have a hole in the mouthpiece in which you can easily insert 
the  paper clip.  So, take out the nail and put in the paper  clip.  Then 
take  the other end of the paper clip and shove it under the rubber  cord 
protector at the bottom of the handset (you know, the blue guy...).  This 
should end up looking remotely this:
                             /----------\      Mouthpiece
                             :          :      /
             Paper clip -->  :          :     /
                             :      /---:---\
                             :      :   :   :------------>
         ====================\---))):       :  To earpiece ->
                   ^              ^ \-------------------->
                   :              :
                   :              :
                 Cord          Blue guy
(The  paper clip is shoved under the blue guy to make a  good  connection 
between the inside of the mouthpiece and the metal cord.)
     Now,  dial  the number of a local number you wish to  call,  sayyyy, 
MCI.  If  everything  goes okay, it should ring and not answer  with  the 
"The Call You Have Made Requires a 20 Cent Deposit" recording.  After the 
other  end  answers  the phone, remove the  paper  clip.  It's  all  that 
simple, see?
     There  are  a couple problems,  however.  One  is,  as  we mentioned 
earlier, the mouthpiece not working after you punch it.  If this  happens 
to you,  simply move on to the next payphone.  The one you are now on  is 
lost.  Another problem is that the touch tones won't work when the  paper 
clip is in the mouthpiece. There are two ways around this..
     A> Dial the first 6 numbers.  This should be done without the  paper 
clip making the connection, i.e., one side should not be connected.  Then 
connect  the paper clip,  hold down the last digit,  and slowly pull  the 
paper clip out at the mouthpiece's end.
     B> Don't  use  the paper clip at all.  Keep the nail  in  after  you 
punch it.  Dial the first 6 digits.  Before dialing the last digit, touch 
the nail head to the plate on the main body of the phone,  the money safe 
thingy..then press the last number.
     The  reason  that this method is sometimes called  clear  boxing  is 
because  there is another type of phone which lets you actually make  the 
call  and  listen  to  them say "Hello,  hello?"  but  it  cuts  off  the 
mouthpiece  so  they can't hear you.  The Clear Box is used  on  that  to 
amplify your voice signals and send it through the earpiece.  If you  see 
how  this  is even slightly similar to the method we  just  described  up 
there, kindly explain it to US!! Cause WE don't GET IT!
     Anyways,  this DOES work on almost all single slot,  Dial Tone First 
payphones (Pacific Bell for sure).  We do it all the time.  This  is  the 
least,  WE STRESS *LEAST*, risky form of Phreaking.  And remember.  There 
are other Phreaks like you out there who have read this article and punch 
payphones, so look before you punch, and save time.
     If  you feel the insane desire to have to contact us to bitch at  us 
for  some  really stupid mistake in this article,  you can  reach  us  at 
Lunatic Labs Unltd...415/278-7421.  It should be up for quite a while..
     Also,  if you think of any new ideas that can be used in conjunction 
with this method, such as calling a wrong number on purpose and demanding 
your quarter back from the 0perator,  tell us!!  Post it on Looney!!  Oh, 
and if this only works on Pac Bell phones, tell us also! Thanks for  your 
time, upload this to every board you can find.  You may use this material 
in any publication - electronic, written, or otherwise without consent of 
the authors as long as it is reproduced in whole, with all credit to  the 
authors (us!) and Lunatic Labs.  And now, the Bullshit:
DISCLAIMER: This  disclaimer disclaims that this article was written  for 
            your information only.  Any injuries resulting from this file 
            (punctured hands, sex organs, etc.) is NOT OUR FAULT! And  of 
            course  if you get really stupidly busted in any way  because 
            of this, it ain't our fault either.  You're the dumb ass with 
            the  nail.  So, proceed with care, but...  HELL!  Have  fun.  

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