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PWN I: The Busts

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Welcome to my final issue of Phrack World News.  Many people are wondering why
I am giving it up.  There are several reasons, but the most important is that I
will be going to college and will have little (if any) time for the phreak/hack
world or PWN.  I doubt I will even be calling any bulletin boards, but I may
make an occasional call to a few of my friends in the community.

The Phrack Inc. VMS is no longer in service and messages will not be received
there by anyone.  Phrack Inc. is now in the hands of Sir Francis Drake, Elric Of
Imrryr, and Shooting Shark.

:Knight Lightning

Dan The Operator; Informant                                       July 27, 1986
I'm going to assume that all of you have read PWN 14/2 and the details
surrounding SummerCon '87.

This article will feature information collected from our investigation and
quotes from the Noah Tape.

The tape actually has two parts.  The front side has part of an Alliance
Teleconference in which Noah attempted to gather information by engineering
hackers.  Side B contains 45 minutes of a conversation between Noah and John
Maxfield of BoardScan, in which Noah tried to engineer Maxfield into giving him
information on certain hackers by trading him information on other hackers.
All of this has been going on for a long time although we are unsure as to how
long and Noah was not exactly an informant for Maxfield, it was the FBI.

Part One: Noah Engineers his "friends"

The Alliance teleconference recording has about 7 people on it, but the only
people I recognized were Dan The Operator, Il Duce (Fiber Optic), Johnny
Rotten, and The Ninja.

The topics discussed (mostly by Noah) included;

   Bill From RNOC / Catch-22 / Doom Prophet / Force Hackers / John Maxfield
       Karl Marx / Legion of Doom / Lord Rebel / Neba / Phantom Phreaker
  Phucked Agent 04 / Silver Spy / SummerCon '87 / The Rebel / The Videosmith

Here is a look at some of the conversation;                      [Il Duce=Mark]

Noah: SILVER SPY, you know him?
Mark: Yeah, what about him?
Noah: Yeah, Paul.

[This was done to make it look like Noah knew him and was his buddy.-KL]
Noah: Anyway, is LORD REBEL part of LOD?
Mark: He's not really.
Noah: I didn't think so.
Mark: Well, he is, he is sort of.
Noah: Ah, well what does he know.
Mark: Not much.
Noah: Why do they care about him, hes just a pirate.

[Look at this dork!  First he tries to act like he knows everything and then
when he realizes he screwed up, he tries to insult LORD REBEL's abilities.-KL]
Noah: Who else is part of LOD that I missed?
Mark: I don't know who you would have heard of.
Noah: I've pretty much heard of everyone, I just can't think of anyone else.

[Yeah Noah, you are a regular best freind with everyone in LOD.-KL]
Noah: Want to give out LORD REBEL's number?
Mark: Everybody knows it already.
Noah: What is it?
Mark: Which one?
Noah: Both, all.
Mark: Want do you want to know for, don't you have it?
Noah: Never bothered getting them.  What do you got? Mark!
Mark: Yeah.
Noah: Do you have his number?
Mark: Yeah.
Noah: Well, what is it!?
Mark: Why should I say?
Noah: I dunno, you say everyone's got it.
Mark: Yeah, so.
Noah: So if everyone has it, you might as well give it to everybody.
Mark: Not really, I wouldn't want to be the one to tell him that I gave out his
Noah: Ok Mark, fine, its no problem for me to get anyone's number.  I got
      VIDEOSMITH's and SILVER SPY's, no problem.  [Yeah right, see the other
      conversation with John Maxfield.-KL]
Noah: CATCH-22 is supposed to be the most elite bbs in the United States.  What
      do you think about that Mark?
Mark: What?
Noah: What do you think about that Mark?
Mark: About what?
Noah: About CATCH-22.
Mark: What about it?
Noah: (pause) Well.
Mark: Its not the greatest board because its not really that active.
Noah: Right, but what do you think about it?  Alright, first off here, first
      off, first off, do you have KARL MARX's number?
Mark: What?
Noah: I doubt you have KARL MARX's phone number.
Mark: Ask me if I really care.
Noah: I'm just wondering if YOU DO.
Mark: Its one thing to have all these people's numbers, its another if you are
      welcome to call them.
Noah: Yeah (pause), well are you?
Mark: Why should I say?
Noah: I dunno, I dunno.  I'm probably going to ask him anyways.

       [I don't think my ragging is even necessary in this excerpt.-KL]
Noah: Here is what MAXFIELD says, "You got the hackers, and then you got the
      people who want to make money off the hackers."  Information shouldn't be
      free, you should find out things on your own.

    [Give me a break Noah, you are the BIGGEST leach I have ever seen -KL]
One final note to make about the Alliance conversations is that halfway
through, IL DUCE and DAN THE OPERATOR gave out BILL FROM RNOC's full name,
phone number, address, etc.
Part Two: Noah Engineers John Maxfield

The list of topics discussed in this conversation is much longer;

      Arthur Dent / Ben Casey / Big Brother / Bill From RNOC / BoardScan
 Captain Crunch / Celtic Phrost / Chesire Catalyst / Doc Holiday / Easywriter
    Genghis Khan / Jenny Jaguar / Jester Sluggo / Karl Marx / Kerrang Khan
  Kloey Detect / Max Files / Noah Espert / Legion Of Doom / Legion of Hackers
    Lord Digital / Lord Rebel / Mark Tabas / Oryan QUEST / Phucked Agent 04
Phrack Inc. / Pirate's Hangout / Septic Tank / Sigmund Fraud / The Disk Jockey
The Executioner / The Federation / The *414* Wizard / The Hobbit / The Marauder
  The Safecracker / The Telecom Security Group / The Videosmith / The Weasle
Tommy Hawk / Torture Chamber / Twilight Zone / Tuc / Violet Boregard / Zepplin

The following are the highlights of the conversation between DAN THE OPERATOR
and JOHN MAXFIELD.                                       [John Maxfield = John]
Noah: Did you ever find VIDEOSMITH's number?
John: No, matter of fact.  You know what it is, I've been on boards hes been on
      in the 215 NPA [possibly Atlantis], but well.
Noah: But you don't have his number?
John: Should I?
Noah: He's fairily big, he knows his stuff.  I would think he'd be worth
      getting a number for.
John: Doesn't do anything for me because you know, just having his number
      doesn't get him in trouble or anything.
Noah: Oh, well I don't want him to get in trouble...hes a nice person.  So do
      you have LORD REBEL's phone number?
John: What do you know about him?
Noah: I think hes up in New York.
John: 914?
Noah: Possibly 718, 212, possibly even 201. [Excuse me you dork.  The 201 NPA
      is in the state of New Jersey not New York.  What a loser Noah is. -KL]
John: If you don't have a number on him I'll have to do an alphabetical search
      for him.  It takes a while.
Noah: Well we could talk while its going.  I think you're pretty interesting,
      you're not boring like I am.
John: Well you're not boring to me as long as I keep getting people's phone
      numbers.  Bahahahahahahahahah Har har har.
Noah: (Pause)(Pause)(Pause) Bahahahahahahaha.  Sheesh.
John: Well lets see what it finds, theres a lot of Lords in there.
Noah: Hes part of LOD.
John: Oh hes part of LOD!?
Noah: Yeah.
John: Well I might have him and I might not [What a profound statement -KL].
Noah: Hes not very active in LOD.

          [The search for LORD REBEL's information was a failure -KL]
Noah: I got a question, I'm still trying to figure this out.  Are there people
      like me who just call you up like this?
John: Yes there are.
Noah: A lot?
John: Enough.  You know its funny, theres people that call up and there
      assholes and I'll just hang up on them.  There is other people that call
      up and well you know they try to feed me bullshit, but at least they
      aren't being jerks about it.
Noah: You think I'm feeding you bullshit?
John: I dunno, maybe you are or maybe you aren't.  What I'm saying is that
      there are people that behave like humans.  So there are a few that call

      You know when you're working with informants, you got different
      catagories.  You got informants you can trust and you got informants that
      well hold on a second.  There are some informants, that they could tell
      me anything and I'd believe them.  Ok, becaue I know them.  Met them
      personally maybe or known the guy for 3 or 4 years, his information is
      always correct that sort of thing.

      Then there is somebody like you that umm is kinda maybe a "Class 2
      Informant."  Gives valid phone numbers and information out, but is not
      really a true informant.  Then there is a "Class 3 Informant" thats like,
      ahh somebody like ORYAN QUEST who calls up and turns in somebody he
      doesn't like, but thats all he ever does.  I don't know if you can call
      them Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 exactly but thats how I look at it.

    [Shortly after this, Maxfield gave out JESTER SLUGGO's information -KL]
Noah: How about Phucked Agent 04?
John: Oh him, his name is XXXXX and hes out in XXXXXXX.
Noah: Something like that.
John: Hes one of the jerks that made death threats against me.  I kinda would
      like to get him.
Noah: You want his number?
John: Yeah.
Noah: Lemme see if I can catch up with him, I know a few people in LOD.
[Noah tried to get information on KERRANG KHAN for a while and then started
asking about KARL MARX -KL]

Noah: Ok, KARL MARX.
John: Oh, he got busted along with MARK TABAS you know, I told you all about
Noah: Yeah yeah.
John: He lives out in NPA XXX, but he was going to college in XXXXXXXXXX and I
      don't have a number for him there.
Noah: Hes probably back home now.
John: Yeah, but I probably shouldn't give out his number.  He did get popped.
Noah: Aw come on.
John: Nah.
Noah: Come on.
John: Nah.
Noah: Please.
John: Nah. I probably don't have a correct number anyway.
Noah: Dude.  Well if you don't have a correct number then give me the old
John: Nah.
Noah: C'mon dude.
John: Nah.
Noah: Dude!
John: Nah nah.  Besides I have a feeling that he wouldn't appreciate being
      called up by hackers anyway.
Noah: Hes still around though!
John: Is he!?
Noah: Yes.
John: Oh really.
Noah: Yes sir.  Because he was talking with THE MARAUDER, you know, Todd.
John: Yeah?
Noah: Yeah.
John: Thats interesting.

TORTURE CHAMBER, and THE FEDERATION.  Maxfield reveled that he had been on
TWILIGHT ZONE back when THE MARAUDER used to run it.  -KL]
Noah: THE MARAUDER is still home, he didn't go to college.
John: Yeah, MARAUDER, now he is heavy duty.
Noah: Yeah, he knows his snit (not a typo).  However, he doesn't brag about it.
John: Well the thing is, you know is what the hell is he trying to accomplish?
      I sometimes kinda wonder what motivates somebody like that.
Noah: What do you mean?
John: Well he wants to screw around with all this stuff, but whats the point?
to be discussed.  Afterwhich MAXFIELD went on to retell a story about a
district attorney in California that referred to him as a legend in his own
time.  Noah then started asking about CAPTAIN CRUNCH and Easywriter, and
Maxfield told him the story of CAPTAIN CRUNCH's latest bust.
LORD DIGITAL were next.

Then it was Noah's turn to unload (although Noah had already given out
information on many of the previously mentioned people).

their information handed out freely.

John: I guess I'm going to have the goons come over and pay you a visit.
Noah: Who me?
John: Take your computer, clean your room for you.
Noah: No, no, please... don't... you can't do that.  I'll be an informant
      dammit.  I'll give you all my files, I'll send them immediately...
      Federal Express.
John: Sounds good.
Noah: Has anyone ever really done that?
John: Well not by Federal Express.
Noah: I'll send you all my manuals, everything.  I'll even tell you my favorite
      Sprint code.
John: Sprint would appreciate that.  You know, its interesting that you know
Noah: Todd and I, yeah, well we're on a first name basis.  [Yeah you know his
      first name but thats as far as it goes, isn't it Noah. -KL]
Noah gave out more people's information and the conversation ran on for another
20 minutes.  The problem is that this is when the tape ran out, but the
conversation was going strong.  Noah was giving out numbers alphabetically and
he was still in the C-G area when the tape ran out.  There is no telling as to
what was discussed next.

All of the people mentioned at the beginning were discussed in depth and the
excerpts shown here do not necessarily show the extent of the discussion.  I
didn't transcript the entire conversation because in doing so would publically
release information that would be unproductive to our society.

So, many of you are probably still asking yourself, where did we get the FBI
connection from?  Well, some time ago, DAN THE OPERATOR used to hang out with
THE TRADER and they were into some kind of stock fraud using Bank Americard or
something along those lines.  Something went wrong and Noah was visited by the
FBI.  As it turns out, Noah became their informant and they dropped the

Sometime later, Noah tried to set up TERMINUS (see the current Phrack Prophile)
to meet (unknowingly) with the FBI and give them a tour of his board.  TERMINUS
realized what was going on and Noah's plans were ruined.

I hope you learned from this story, don't let yourself be manuvered by people
like Noah.  There are more informants out there than you think.

                          Written by Knight Lightning

For more information about DAN THE OPERATOR, you should read THE SYNDICATE
REPORTS Transmittal No. 13 by THE SENSEI.  Available on finer BBSes/AEs

PartyCon '87                                                   July 24-26, 1987
This article is not meant to be as in depth as the SummerCon issue, but I think
you'll enjoy it.

Before we begin, here is a list of the total phreak/hack attendees;

      Cheap Shades / Control C / Forest Ranger / Knight Lightning / Loki
     Lucifer 666 / Mad Hatter / Sir William / Synthetic Slug / Taran King
               The Cutthroat / The Disk Jockey / The Mad Hacker

Other people who attended that should be made a note of include; Dan and Jeff
(Two of Control C's roommates that were pretty cool), Dennis (The Menace); one
of Control C's neighbors, Connie; The Mad Hacker's girlfriend (at the time
anyway), and the United States Secret Service; they weren't actually at
PartyCon, but they kept a close watch from a distance.

For me, it started Friday morning when Cheap Shades and I met Forest Ranger and
Taran King at Taran's house.  Our trip took us through Illinois, and we stopped
off at a Burger King in Normal, Illinois (close to Illinois State University).
Would you believe that the majority of the population there had no teeth?

Anyway, our next stop was to see Lucifer 666 in his small one-horse town.  He
would follow us later (with Synthetic Slug).  We arrived at Control C's
apartment around 4 PM and found Mad Hatter alone.  The first thing he made a
note of was some sheets of paper he discoverd (while searching ^C's apartment).
I won't go into what was on the paper.  Although we didn't know it at the time,
he copied the papers and hid them in his bag.  It is believed that he intended
to plant this and other information inside the apartment so that ^C would get

Basically, it was a major party with a few mishaps like Forest Ranger and Cheap
Shades driving into Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday night and not getting back
till 4 AM Saturday.  We hit Lake Shore Drive, the beach, a few shopping malls,
Chicago's Hard Rock Cafe, and Rush Street.  It was a lot of fun and we may do
it again sometime soon.

If you missed PartyCon '87, you missed out.  For those who wanted to go, but
couldn't find us, we're sorry.  Hotel cancellations and loss of phone lists due
to current problems made it immpossible for us to contact everyone.

                          Written by Knight Lightning

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