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Phrack 16 Intro

                ===== Phrack Magazine presents Phrack 16 =====
                  ===== File 1 of 12 : Phrack 16 Intro =====

        Greetings, and welcome to Phrack #16, we are a bit late, but bigger
        then ever. I think you will find this issue very interesting.
        Enjoy and have Phun

        Elric of Imrryr - Editor

Contents this issue:

16.1  Phrack 16 Intro by Elric of Imrryr                        2K
16.2  BELLCORE Information by The Mad Phone-Man                11K
16.3  A Hacker's Guide to Primos:  Part 1 by Cosmos Kid        11K
16.4  Hacking GTN by The Kurgan                                 7K
16.5  Credit Card Laws Laws by Tom Brokow                       7K
16.6  Tapping Telephone Lines by Agent Steal                    9K
16.7  Reading Trans-Union Credit Reports by The Disk Jockey     6K

Phrack World News:

16.8  The Story Of the West German Hackers by Shooting Shark    3K
16.9  The Mad Phone-Man and the Gestapo by The Mad Phone-Man    2K
16.10 Flight of the Mad Phone-Man by The Mad Phone-Man          2K
16.11 Shadow Hawk Busted Again by Shooting Shark                2K
16.12 Coin Box Thief Wanted by The $muggler                     2K

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