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Flight of the Mad Phone-Man

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 [Ed's Note:  Certain names have been change in the article to protect the

      The Flight of The Mad Phone-Man's BBS to a Friendly Foreign Country

        Using my knowledge that the pigs grab your computer when they bust
you,I got real worried about  losing a BIG investment I've got in my IBM. I
decide  there's a  better way.... Move it!  But where? Where's safe  from the
PhBI?  Well  in the old days, to escape the draft, you went to Canada, why not
expatriate my board....  Well the  costs of  a line  are very  high, let's see
what's available elsewhere.
        One afternoon, I'm working at a local hospital,(one I do telecom work
for) and I  ask the  comm mgr  if they  have any links to Canada?  He says why
yes, we have  an inter-medical link over  a 23ghz microwave into the city just
across the border. I ask to  see the equipment.  WOW!  My dreams  come true,
it's a D4 bank (Rockwell) and it's only got 4 channel cards in it. Now, being
a "nice" guy, I offer to  do maintenance  on this equipment if he would let me
put up another channel...he agrees.  The plot thickens.
        I've got a satellite office for a business near the hospital on the
other side, I quickly call up good ole Bell Canada, and have them run a 2 wire
line from the equipment room to my office. Now the only thing to get is a
couple of cards to plug into the MUX to put me on the air.
        A 2 wire E&M card goes for bout $319, and I'd need two.  Ilook around
the state, and find one bad one in Rochester.... I'm on my way that afternoon
via motorcycle.  The card  is mine,  and the  only thing I can find wrong is a
bad  voltage regulator. I stop by  the Rockwell office in  suburban Rochester
and exchange  the card, while I'm there, I buy a second one (Yeah, on my card)
and drive home.... by 9pm that night the circuit is up, and we are on the air.
        Results- Very good line, no noise, can be converted with another card
for a  modest fee  if I want  the bandwidth.  So that's the  story of how the
board went to a "friendly foreign country."

         The Mad Phone-Man

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