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Accessing Government Computers

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                              Phrack  Seventeen
                                07 April 1988

                File 7 of 12 : Accessing Government Computers

                    +   ACCESSING GOVERNMENT COMPUTERS    +
                    +             (LEGALLY!)              +
                    +      Written by The Sorceress       +
                    +    (The Far Side 415/471-1138)      +

 Comment:  I came across this article in Computer Shopper (Sept. 1987)  and it
   talked about citizens access government computers since we do pay  for them
   with our  taxpayers monies.  Since then, I have had  friends and gone  on a
   few myself  and the  databases are full of  information for accessing.  One
   thing, you usually have to call the sysop for access and give him your real
   name, address  and the like.  They call you back and verify your existence.
   Just a word of  warning; crashing a BBS is a crime, so I wouldn't fool with
   these since they are government based.

 National Bureau of Standards -
 Microcomputers Electronic Information Exchange.

 Sysops: Ted Landberg & Lisa Carnahan
  Voice: 301-975-3359
   Data: 301-948-5717  300/1200/2400

 This BBS is  operated by the  Institute for Computer  Sciences and Technology
   which is one of four technical organizations within the National Bureau  of
   Standards.  This  board  also  contains  information  on  the  acquisition,
   management, security, and use of micro computers.
 Census Bureau -
 Census Microcomputer and Office Technology Center, Room 1065 FB-3 Washington,
   D.C. (Suitland, MD)

 Sysop: Nevins Frankel
 Voice: 301-763-4494
  Data: 301-763-4576  300/1200

 The purpose of  this BBS is  to allow users  to access the  following: Census
   Microcomputer  and  office  technology  information  center  bulletins  and
   catalogues,  software  and  hardware  evaluations,  Hardware  and  software
   inventories, Census computer club library, Public Domain software, etc.
 Census Bureau -
 Census  Microcomputer  and  Office  Technology  Center,  Personnel  Division,
   Washington DC.

 Voice: 301-763-4494
  Data: 301-763-4574  300/1200/2400

 The purpose of this  board is to display  Census Bureau vacancies from  entry
   level to senior management.
 Department of Commerce -

 Office  of  the  Under  Secretary  for  Economic  Affairs, Office of Business
   Analysis, Economic Bulletin Board.

 Sysop: Ken Rogers
 Voice: 202-377-0433
  Data: 202-377-3870  300/1200

 This is  another well  run BBS  with in-depth  news about  the Department  of
   Commerce Economic  Affairs Agencies  including current  press releases  and
   report summaries.
 Manpower  and  Force  Management  Division,  Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of
   Engineers, 20 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC.

 Sysop: Rich Courney
 Voice: 202-272-1646
  Data: 202-272-1514  300/1200/2400

 The files database was  one of the largest  they ever seen. Directory  70 has
   programs for designing masonry and retaining walls using Lotus's Symphony.

 General Services Administration -
 Information Resources Service Center.

 Data: 202-535-8054  300 bps
 Data: 202-535-7661  1200 bps

 GSA's Information Resources Service Center provides information on contracts,
   schedules, policies, and programs. One of the areas that is interesting was
   the weekly supplement to the  consolidated list of debarred, suspended  and
   ineligible contractors.
 Budget and Finance Board of the Office of Immigration Naturalization Service.


 Sysop: Mike Arnold
  Data: 202-787-3460  300/1200/2400

 The system is devoted  to the exchange of  information related to budget  and
   financial  management in the  federal government.  It is a 'working' system
   for the Immigration and Naturalization Service personnel.
 Naval Aviation News Computer Information (NANei) -
 Supported by:  Naval Aviation  News Magazine,  Bldg. 159E,  Navy Yard  Annex,
   Washington, DC 20374.

 Sysop: Commander Howard Wheeler
 Voice: 202-475-4407
  Data: 202-475-1973   300/1200

 Available from 5 pm to 8 am. weekdays 5pm Friday to 8 am Monday

 This is a large BBS with lots of Navy related information and programs. NANci
   is  for  those  interested  in  stories,  facts, and historical information
   related to Naval Aviation.
 Federal National Mortgage Association -

 Sysop: Ken Goosens
  Data: 202-537-7475
        202-537-7945   300/1200

 This  BBS  is  in  transition.  Ken  Gossens  will  be  running  a new BBS at
   703-979-6360. The BBS maybe become a closed board under the new sysop. This
   BBS has/had one of largest collections of files for downloading.
 The World  Bank, Information,  Technology and  Facilities Department,  Office
   System Division, Washington DC.

 Sysop: Ashok Daswani
 Voice: 202-473-2237
  Data: 202-676-0920    300/1200

 Basically a software exchange BBS, but has other information about the use of
   microcomputers  and   software  supported  by  World   Bank.  IBM   product
   announcements also kept up to date.
 National Oceanic Atmospheric  Administration (NOAA), National  Meteorological

       * You must obtain a password from the SYSOP to log on to this BBS.

 Sysop: Vernon Patterson
 Voice: 301-763-8071
  Data: 301-899-0825     300 bps
        301-899-0830    1200 bps

 This is one of the most  useful databases available on-line. With it  you can
   access meteorological  data collected  form 6000  locations throughout  the
   world.  It  can  also  display  crude,  but  useful  graphic maps of the US
   illustration temperatures, precipitation and forecasts.
 National Weather Service, US Dept. of Commerce, East Coast Marine Users BBS

           * You must obtain a p/w from the SYSOP to logon this BBS.

 Sysop: Ross Laporte
 Voice: 301-899-3296
  Data: 301-454-8700  300bps

 Use this  BBS to  obtain info  about marine  weather and  nautical info about
   coastal waterways including topical storm advisories.
 NARDAC, Navy Regional Data Automation Center, Norfolk, VA. 23511-6497

 Sysop: Jerry Dew
 Voice: 804-445-4298
  Data: 804-445-1627  300 & 1200 bps

 A basic Utilitarian  system developed to  support the informational  needs of
   NARDAC. The Dept. of Defense mag., CHIPS is available in the files  section
   of this BBS. There are also Navy and IBM related articles to read.
 Veterans Administration, Info Technology Bulletin Board.

 Data: 202-376-2184   300/1200 bps

 The  content  of  this  BBS  ranges  from job opening listings to information
   computer security.
 Dept. of Energy, Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management, Infolink.

 Sysop: Bruce Birnbaum
 Voice: 202-586-9707
  Data: 202-586-9359   300/1200 bps

 This  BBS  has  press  leases,  fact  sheets,   backgrounders,  congressional
   questions,  answers,  speeches &  testimony,  from  the  Office of Civilian
   Radioactive Waste Management.

 I skipped listing a few of the BBSes in this article if the chances were slim
   to get  on or  if the BBS got a bad review.  Most of the ones listed seemed
   to have  lot of  informative files  for downloading  and viewing  pleasure.
   This article carried a very strong word of warning about tampering/crashing
   these since they are run by the govt. and a volunteer Sysop.  Since you can
   get on these legally why not use it?

                                                                 The Sorceress

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