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Phrack World News XVIII Part II

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It seems that there is yet some things to be covered.  In addendum, we will be
featuring, as a part of PWN, a special section where up-and-coming H/P
Bulletin Boards can be advertised.  This will let everyone know where the
board scene stands.  If you have a board that you feel has potential, but
doesn't have good users, let us know.  Thanks.

Doctor Cypher Busted?

Doctor Cypher, who frequents the Altos Chat, The Dallas Hack Shack, Digital
Logic's Data Service, The Forgotten Realm, P-80 Systems, and others, is
believed to have had his modem confiscated by "Telephone Company Security,"
and by his local Sheriff.  No charges have been filed as of this date.  He
says he will be using a friend's equipment to stay in touch with the world.

                  Information Provided by Hatchet Molly

Give These Boards A Call

These systems have potential, but need good users, so give them a call, and
help the world out.

         The Autobahn -                The Outlet Private -

         703/629-4422                  313/261-6141
         Primary - 'central'           newuser/kenwood
         Sysop - The Highwayman        Sysop - Ax Murderer
         Hack/Phreak                   Private Hack/Phreak

         Dallas Hack Shack -           The Forgotten Realm -

         214/422-4307                  618/943-2399
         Apply For Access              Apply For Access
         Sysop - David Lightman        Sysop - Crimson Death
         Private Hack/Phreak           Private H/P & Phrack Headquarters

AllNet Hacking Is Getting Expensive

For those of you who hack AllNet Long Distance Service, watch out.  AllNet
Communications Corp. has announced that they will be charging $500.00 PER
ATTEMPT to hack their service.  That's not PER VALID CODE, that's PER ATTEMPT.
Sources say that The Fugitive (619) received a $200,000.00 phone bill from

This may set examples for other long distance communication carriers in the
future, so be careful what you do.

Editorial - What Is The Best Way To Educate New Hackers?

Since the "demise" of Phreak Klass 2600 and PLP, the H/P world has not seen a
board dedicated to the education of new hackers.  Although PK2600 is still up
(806/799-0016, educate) many of the old "teachers" never call.  The board has
fallen mainly to new hackers who are looking for teachers.  This may pose a
problem.  If boards aren't the way to educate these people (I think they are
the best way, in fact), then what is?  Certainly not giant Alliance
conferences as in the past, due to recent "black-listing" of many "conferees"
who participated heavily in Alliance Teleconferencing in the past.

I think it might be successful if someone was able to set up another board
dedicated to teaching new hackers.  A board which is not private, but does
voice validate the users as they login.  Please leave some feedback as to what
you think of this idea, or if you are willing to set this type of system up.

US Sprint Employee Scam

The US Sprint Security Department is currently warning employees of a scam
which could be affecting them.  An unidentified man has been calling various
employees throughout the US Sprint system and telling them that if they give
him their FON Card numbers, they will receive an additional US Sprint employee
long-distance credit.  The Security Department says, "this is a 100 percent
scam."  "If you're called to take part in this operation, please call the
Security Department at (816)822-6217."

                      Information Provided By US Sprint

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