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Phrack World News XVIV (Part 2)

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Doc Holiday In Legal Trouble
=== ======= == ===== =======

One night, Doc Holiday 713 decided to visit his CO.  This CO was surrounded by
a fence with barbed wire on top.  He climbed over the fence with ease and
looked around the perimeter of the building for any cameras.  When he was sure
that there were no cameras, he decided to try entering through the back door.
To his surprise, the back door was unlocked [Hey, at least he didn't get
charged with breaking and entering, right?  -Epsilon], and he entered the
building.  He looked around a bit, past some boxes full of test sets and
cable. This got boring, so he headed down to a room with some terminals and a
large control panel.  The instructions for using the terminal were taped to
the side of the desk, so he tried them out.  He had fun monitoring phone lines
and testing other subscribers' touch tone polarity, and he decided to get out
of the building.

On his way out of the building, he came across a box that was labeled with
something to the effect of 'Switching Unit'.  He didn't bother to look inside
the box, because he was in a hurry to get out of the building, so he opted to
take the box home, then look inside.  When he opened the door to leave, he saw
a flashlight waving around in the dark.  He got scared and set the box down
[Incidentally, this door that he got in through was at the top of a stairway
at the back of the building, outside.  -Epsilon].  The box was unstable, and
rolled down the stairs, probably causing damage to whatever was inside.  He
tried to run down the stairs and climb over the fence.  He found that the
police were outside the fence, and he proceeded to run.  A policeman shouted
at him to stop, and threatened to shoot him, so he dropped.  He was
apprehended and taken to the police station.

He had learned that the police knew about his whereabouts, because he had
tripped a silent alarm, probably upon entering the building.

At the station, they questioned him.  He was getting fed up, and said he was
going to leave the station.  He started to leave, when a policeman grabbed him
and kneeing him, broke his rib.  They then, after some persuasion, took Doc to
the hospital.

He is at home now, and awaiting a hearing.  This little tiff is not expected
to affect his hacking activities.

                     Information Provided By Doc Holiday

The Disk Jockey...Busted!
=== ==== ================

The Disk Jockey, whom we all knew, was arrested for 22 counts of aiding a
fraud and other miscellaneous charges last Friday.  He is now in jail and is
being held for $150,000.00 bail [Yes, that's right.  One-hundred-fifty-
thousand dollars.  -Epsilon].

This incident was believed to have been caused by a 'phreak' by the name of
White Lightning (616), who informed Sprint Security that The Disk Jockey was
using their service illegally.

He is now awaiting a court date, and is unavailable for questions.

                     Information Provided By Compaq (219)

SummerCon '88
========= ===

We at Phrack Inc. are proud to present SummerCon '88.  The convention will
take place at the Westport Ramada Inn in St. Louis, Missouri the week-end of
July 22nd.  The Con is expected to be held from Friday afternoon to Sunday
afternoon.  Please contact us, via the Phrack accounts, or the Phrack In. VMS
at (800)331-8477, * #, Ext. 6660, if you plan to attend.  Illegal information
at this CON is not encouraged.  Thank you.

                   Information Provided By Knight Lightning

PWN Quicknotes
=== ==========

The first step in what is called The Phoenix Project, which is a re-birth of
the hack/phreak community is underway.  This first step is a public education
bulletin board system dedicated to teaching the public about
telecommunications and computer systems.  The board is called The Phoenix
Project, and the number is (512)754-8182.  No illegal information is to be
posted on this system.  Our SysOp is The Mentor.  Thank you, and call if
you're interested.

                      Information Provided By The Mentor
Rumor has it that a new group is forming in the hack/phreak community.  This
group is looking for about eight skilled members who have diverse interests.
If you think you are qualified, and are interested, please contact Doc Holiday
on any BBS he is on.  Thank you.
Control C of 313 was NOT busted, contrary to popular belief.  This is all a
big confusion, and we will let you know how this started in a future issue.
Until then, please, don't spread the rumor around anymore.

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