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Phrack Inc. Index

				==Phrack Inc.==
		     Volume One, Issue Two, Phile #1 of 9

				 Phrack Index
				 ~~~~~~ ~~~~~

  This issue of Phrack Inc.  is rather lengthy file-wise compared to issue
 one.  Phrack Inc.  can be found on the following boards regularly:

	 Broadway Show			    718-615-0580
	 Newsweek Elite 		    617-341-2535
	 Kleptic Palace AE/Catfur	    314-527-5551
	 Metal Shop Private		    Request only
	 Metal Shop AE			    Request only well as many other BBS's and AE's around the country.  Be on the
 lookout for issue three.  If you wish to submit an article, get in touch with
 any member of Metal Shop Private and have a message transmitted to me.  Later

					      TARAN KING

	 This issue of Phrack Inc. includes the following philes:

	 #1 Phrack Inc. Index  - Taran King
	 #2 Prevention of the Billing Office Blues - Forest Ranger
	 #3 Homemade Guns - Man-Tooth
	 #4 Blowguns - The Pyro
	 #5 TAC Dialups - Phantom Phreaker
	 #6 Universal Informational Services via ISDN - Taran King
	 #7 MCI Overview - Knight Lightning
	 #8 Hacking RSTS - Data Line
	 #9 Phreak World News - Knight Lightning

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