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Metal Shop Private The Royal Court

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                      Metal Shop Private's -- Royal Court

The Royal Court was an idea of Knight Lightning's who ran the subboard.  It was
sort of like an "elite" subboard for people who he liked and thought knew a bit
to contribute to the subboard's conversation.  Many of the messages here were
deleted because of the "date-to-deletion" feature of the board and having most
of the messages that filled this subboard being clustered in one period a while

1/6: 201 DDial...
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 9:17 pm  Sun Apr 26, 1987

For those who were using that Flash-Talk Diversi-Dial that Sluggo supplied,
the account password changed...It is now 112 611 165 and the phone number is
still 201-743-4850.  Sort of something to do with your absolutely-nothing-to
-do-time.  Later

2/6: Back Again.
Name: High Evolutionary 28
Date: 1:08 am  Thu Apr 30, 1987

Hello, Isn't it funny.. I plan to call boards again and again because I get a
little free time on my hands. But then, when I start, something else comes up.
I should stop babbling.. I am probably boooring you.

For apparent lack of discussion here, could someone maybe fill me in on what
has been happening lately in the phreak/hack society? I've yet to get the past
few PWNs.

  -High Evolutionary

3/6: High
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:06 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

In general, SummerCon is the big thing that people are talking about.  There
is also some new disputes and controversy about the return of Oryan Quest and
his "supposed" running away from home.

:Knight Lightning

4/6: Ah..
Name: High Evolutionary 28
Date: 11:58 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

  KL, I've also heard that some serious wars are being waged w/ OQ or
something to that extent...Mind explaining it to me?


5/6: Wars?
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:20 am  Sat May 02, 1987

As far as I know, there are no wars currently in progress but in the past,
Oryan QUEST went and did MBs on Doc Holiday, The Executioner, and both of
Taran King's phone lines.  He has also repeatedly tried to gain illegal access
on this system and somehow got Nate to help him do it.  Then he has proceeded
to harass MSP members about their posts.  However, if there is a war, it is
one sided because everyone is pretty much ignoring Quest.

Hmm... I wonder why my account had 4 illegal logons...?

:Knight Lightning

6/6: Logons
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 10:29 am  Sat May 02, 1987

Those illegal logons that most of you LOD type people will experience when
logging on were probably not QUEST.  I've got an idea and I suppose most of
you might too, but I'm not concerned with it.

Post on Royal Court? No


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