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Phrack Pro-Phile on Modem Master

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 21, File 2 of 11

                          == Phrack Pro-Phile XXI ==

The Phrack Pro-Phile's purpose is to present to the reader profiles of older or
influential hackers or phreakers that have or do exist.  This month's Pro-Phile
features a user of past days...Modem Master, a.k.a. Napoleon Solo.

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Personal Information
       Handle:  Napolean Solo
      Call me:  Scott
  Past Handle:  Modem Master
Handle Origin:  I used to be a real "Man from UNCLE" fan
    D.O.Birth:  March 29, 1970
  Current Age:  18 yrs.
       Height:  6'0"
       Weight:  207 lbs
         Eyes:  Hazel
         Hair:  Light Brown
    Computers:  Apple //+, Apple //gs, normal extra hardware, 2400 baud modem
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I started on my way to hackerdom in early 1983 when I bought my first modem, a
Networker 300 baud (What a gem!!) to use in my Apple II+.  I asked the
salesperson for the numbers of the local boards (at the time there were a whole
3 here, and one was an IBM users group board).  Well, it just so happened one
was an Apple board run on an old version of Networks II, with a sysop who had
been known to rip off a local extender here and there.  After chatting with him
for a while he realized I was one of those eager-to-learn Jr. High kids, so he
put me in touch with several other users of his board.  Well, one of those was
Simon Templar, who would later be the sysop of the Pearly Gates, and I guess to
me, about as close a friend a phreak can have that lives 1000 miles a way.

Simon gave me my first code (to an 800 number owned by LDX), and the numbers of
some boards where I might pick up some more additional knowledge (IC's Socket,
AT&T Phone Center, and Sherwood Forest).  Well, after pestering just about
anybody that seemed to know ANYTHING, I was on my way.  Soon, I was frequenting
at least one board in almost every area code.  I also learned the advantage of
scanning exchanges, I found several local PBXes and a Sprint indial that nobody
seemed to known about.  That facilitated my "habit" even more and I then found
a little Diversi-Dial dubbed "Beandial."  That was where I really got off the
ground.  It was frequented by many knowledgeable phreaks, so between that and
all of the BBSes I was on, I had a wealth of knowledge to look to all at my
fingertips when I had a question.

Beandial also left me with several good friends, the most notable being Lord
Kahz.  It also put me in touch with someone rather well known, King Blotto (you
should have seen my face the night my phone rang and the guy at the other end
said "Hi, this is King Blotto, wanna be on my board?" and gave me the number!).
 As of the last several years, I have left the mainstream phreaking life, and
only look in once in a while through past friends.  That may change now, as
Taran King and Knight Lightning have shown me that there are in fact TRUE
phreaks left.  I was beginning to doubt it, hence my absence.

Memorable bulletin boards that I have been on include; The Pearly Gates, AT&T
Phone Center, Blottoland (even though I was only actually on during the last
phase of its life), and Bean Dial, plus all the normal ones that everybody and
his brother were on.

Currently I am enrolled at North Dakota State University, majoring in computer
engineering.  I work at McDonalds flippin' dem burgers.

I regret leaving the phreak world in the first place, I was disillusioned
with all the little nerds with computers and modems who thought they were
phreaks just because some dork they knew gave them a code.

Favorite Things
Chicks:  The ones with really big...  uh..  Brains!  Thats it! Ya know, they
         stick out their bras..  Uh.. I mean their intelligence protrudes!!
         Ya! thats it!
People:  I like just about anybody who has something interesting and
         meaningful to talk about (and chicks with big ****)

Music:  70's music like Led Zeppelin, and most heavy metal bands.  I also can
        go for top 40 as long as we aren't talking Whitney, or Jackson, or G.
        Michael or some other puke like that.

Most Memorable Experiences
The time me and a friend from Idaho called this local guy who THOUGHT he was a
phreak.  I talked to him on one line, while MIKE talked to him long distance on
another, convincing him that AT&T security had really busted his ass.  I've
never heard ANYONE sound so scared in my life! HAHAH

Starting on my high school's varsity football team for two years instead of the
average 0-1 yr.

Some people to mention
Lord Kahz
Cookie Cruncher
Android Base -- for pointing me in the right direction
Simon Templar -- for taking that direction and showing me what to do with it.

All others who have helped me in anyway, whether it be questions I had, or
whatever else...  Thanks.

Inside Joke
To Kahz:  "Hey MM, let's call Mari!"

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Serious Section
I think people who abuse CCs are assholes.  That does nothing but hurt all of
us; all that comes out of it is one person's gain and many people's suffering.
Example; Sysops of the board where the inevitably BUSTED asshole posted his CC

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Although he has never met any hackers, Scott feels that there are a few geeks
out there based on some of his phone conversations.

Thanks for your time Scott.

                                                  Taran King

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