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Phrack Pro-Phile on Karl Marx [Taran King & Knight Lightning]

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 22, File 2 of 12

                           ==Phrack Pro-Phile XXII==

                             Created By Taran King

               Brought To You By Taran King and Knight Lightning

                            Done on October 8, 1988

         Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile XXII.  Phrack Pro-Phile was created to
bring information to you, the community, about retired or highly important/
controversial people.  This issue, we bring to you a name from the past and
a user of highly respected rankings in the history of the phreak/hack world...

                                   Karl Marx
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

           Handle:  Karl Marx
         Call Him:  James Salsman
     Past Handles:  None
    Handle Origin:  Bloom County (Something about Capitalists and Humor)
    Date Of Birth:  12/2/67
           Height:  6"0'
           Weight:  155 lbs
        Eye Color:  Blue
       Hair Color:  Dark Brown
        Shoe Size:  10 1/2
        Computers:  Nondeterministic turing machines
Sysop/Co-Sysop Of:  Farmers of Doom

Origins In Phreak/Hack World:
    Manufacturing Explosives -- He wanted to blow up his High School.

Origins In Phreak/Hack BBSes:  Plovernet!

People In The Phreak/Hack World Met:

    The Buccaneer, Mark Tabas, Shadow Master, and a few other Colorado types.
    He also actually made it to a TAP meeting a while ago [TelePub '86], but he
    slept through it.  All he remembers is that it was in New York and Scan Man
    was there in a baseball cap.  He thinks it was in a "Days Inn" or

Experience Gained In The Following Ways:

    Spending long hours pouring over Bell System Tech Journals from
    1970-Present.  He suggests to anyone who wants to learn non-trivial, but
    useful things -- or who just wants to get some really *powerful*
    vocabulary for social engineering -- try using your local college or large
    public library.

Knowledge Attributed To:

    Nearly everyone who he's ever talked to -- if you let people bullshit you
    long enough, you learn quite a bit just by figuring out why they are wrong.

Memorable Phreak/Hack BBSes:  Plovernet, Legion of Doom, Shadowland, and of
                              course the invisible 3rd level of FOD.

Work/Schooling (Major):

    Carnegie Mellon University.  He dropped out as soon as they let him work on
    interesting Cognitive Science and AI projects.  He currently works at
    Expert Technologies -- the company has an expert system for putting
    together various Yellow Pages for client phone companies that he is not
    supposed to name (there's no point in naming them, 'cause by now they do
    every fucking Yellow Pages in the country -- ACK!)  But that's just what
    makes the company money.  He's working on user interfaces based on speech

Conventions/Involvements Outside Of Phone Calls:

    He thinks he went to that TAP [Telepub '86] meeting, but he doesn't
    remember much more than Scan Man's cap.  He was INTENSELY tired and his
    girlfreind was complaining that everyone was a geek and that they had to
    find a way to get back in Pittsburgh in four hours.


    He wrote somthing about Nitroglycerin.  He probably killed a lot of
    aspiring phreaks on Plovernet by not putting in enough warnings like
    "Remember, DON'T make more than a few grams or you will be found dead and
    identified as Dinty Morre Beef Stew."  He also came up with the "RESCOC --
    Remote Satellite Course Correction System" file.  It was PURE bullshit, but
    with headings like "How to manuver a satelite to crash it into cities (like
    Moscow)" it was a big hit with the "Hacker-Hype" media.  AT&T denied

Phreak/Hack Groups:  He got a lot of mail saying somthing like;

    "Congratulations! You MAY ALREADY HAVE WON membership into the NEW GROUP...

                       ----- THE CAPTAINS OF CODES -----

    It's the best new phreak/hack group since MIT!  Just tell us everything you
    know and tell everyone else what a great group we are -- AND WE WILL LET
    He usually ignored these "memberships."  He believes Tabas understood the
    problem when he created the parody-group "Farmers of Doom."


    His main interest is AI.  His particular application domains focus on
    Cognitive Science and Pattern recognition.  He thinks he might have been
    interested in the telephone system -- but those days are over.  He doesn't
    even remember the codes to do trunk selection on an RTA distribution point.
    And if the ROCs security folks think he still does that sort of thing they
    are going to have to prove it.  :-)

Favorite Things;

    Thinking:      Problem Solving
    Conversation:  Exchange of information
    Love:          Emotional fulfillment
    Sex:           Physical fulfillment
    Drugs:         Introspection
    Poetry:        Metaphor, Imagery
    Involvement:   Sense of Self-Worth
    Music:         Rhythm, Harmonics
    Food:          Flavor, Satisfaction
    Breathing:     Inhalation of Oxygen

Most Memorable Experience:

    The funniest thing that ever happened to him was the time he was arrested.
    The Secret Service had bugged this hotel room and surprised them (always
    remember, SECRET service and ROOM service are not *that* different.)  They
    took them to a Denver Police holding tank that was filled with non-sober

    Unfortunately, he was in a business suit (having just returned from handing
    a $5,000,000.00 "certified" check to Charles Schwab in Sacramento).  So
    there were all these drunk people asking me, "Ahre yha my lawer???"

    Of course, Mark Tabas had it easy in his Hawaiian print shirt, but he had
    to deal with "Whatcha here fur?"  Jim told them that he was being held for
    "Fraud."  That explanation didn't seem to satisfy them -- "Har, har, har!
    Fraud!  The kid's in here for fraud!  Let me tell you what I'm in for!
    What do you think I'm here for??"

    He didn't have the heart to tell the gentlemen that he really didn't care
    why they shared such a predicament so he responded with a blank stare.
    They then went on to describe crimes so horrible that he could hardly
    believe them, if it wasn't for the fact that most of them were at least two
    thirds covered in blood.  That sort of gave them the advantage, so he went
    on to tell them that he must have been put in the wrong cell and that he
    was sure that the jailer would transfer him in just a few hours.  They all
    seemed to accept that, and went on to insulting each other.

Some People To Mention:

o   "I'd like to thank Who-Bob and T-Bob for their long hours they spent
    discussing new and innovative ESS social engineering techniques.

o   I am forever indebted to Mark Tabas for his courage and demeanor in the
    face of adversity -- which is to say that getting busted didn't bother him
    as much as disk space problems did.

o   There's this guy named "Chuck" in the 303 T5 center who I'd like to mention
    because he set up a RTA routing code for me that switched incoming toll
    trunks to BLV trunks -- if only everyone were that stupid!"

Inside Jokes:  "Sorry, sir, we were just trying to find some wire for our
               science fair project, but as there appears to be nothing here
               but coffee grounds and cigarette ashes, we had better get going.
               Have a nice day!"

Serious Section:  He's very strongly against geting busted.

Are Phreaks/Hackers You've Met Generally Computer Geeks?

    He hopes not!  Most of the people that used to be computer geeks around CMU
    now wear suits and ties and have six digit salaries.  What a horrible
    thing!  He wouldn't wish that on his worst enemy!

Busted For:  He was busted for being in a hotel room with Steve Dahl.  He was
             convicted of the law that says, in effect "it's illegal to lie to
             somebody more powerful than you."  He stopped phreaking because he
             was on probation and didn't want to go to prison.  He is NOT
             planning a comeback.

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Thanks for your time James.

                        Taran King and Knight Lightning

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