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Bank Information compiled

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In order to exact any type of bank associated transaction by computer, one must
have a working knowledge of the various routing codes involved in the banking
processes.  The following is an informational guide to the coding used in
American banking transactions.

ABA (American Bankers Association) Transit Numbers

Numbers 1 to 49 inclusive are Prefixes for Cities
Numbers 50 to 99 inclusive are Prefixes for States

Prefix Numbers 50 to 58 are Eastern States
Prefix Number 59 is for Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories
Prefix Numbers 60 to 69 are Southeastern States
Prefix Numbers 70 to 79 are Central States
Prefix Numbers 80 to 88 are Southwestern States
Prefix Numbers 90 to 99 are Western States
1    New York, NY
2    Chicago, IL
3    Philadelphia, PA
4    St. Louis, MO
5    Boston, MA
6    Cleveland, OH
7    Baltimore, MD
8    Pittsburgh, PA
9    Detroit, MI
10   Buffalo, NY
11   San Francisco, CA
12   Milwaukee, WI
13   Cincinnati, OH
14   New Orleans, LA
15   Washington D.C.
16   Los Angeles, CA
18   Kansas City, MO
19   Seattle, WA
20   Indianapolis, IN
21   Louisville, KY
22   St. Paul, MN
23   Denver, CO
24   Portland, OR
25   Columbus, OH
26   Memphis, TN
27   Omaha, NE
28   Spokane, WA
29   Albany, NY
30   San Antonio, TX
31   Salt Lake City, UT
32   Dallas, TX
33   Des Moines, IA
34   Tacoma, WA
35   Houston, TX
36   St. Joseph, MO
37   Fort Worth, TX
38   Savannah, GA
39   Oklahoma City, OK
40   Wichita, KS
41   Sioux City, IA
42   Pueblo, CO
43   Lincoln, NE
44   Topeka, KS
45   Dubuque, IA
46   Galveston, TX
47   Cedar Rapids, IA
48   Waco, TX
49   Muskogee, OK
50   New York
51   Connecticut
52   Maine
53   Massachusetts
54   New Hampshire
55   New Jersey
56   Ohio
57   Rhode Island
58   Vermont
59   Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
60   Pennsylvania
61   Alabama
62   Delaware
63   Florida
64   Georgia
65   Maryland
66   North Carolina
67   South Carolina
68   Virginia
69   West Virginia
70   Illinois
71   Indiana
72   Iowa
73   Kentucky
74   Michigan
75   Minnesota
76   Nebraska
77   North Dakota
78   South Dakota
79   Wisconsin
80   Missouri
81   Arkansas
83   Kansas
84   Louisiana
85   Mississippi
86   Oklahoma
87   Tennessee
88   Texas
90   California
91   Arizona
92   Idaho
93   Montana
94   Nevada
95   New Mexico
96   Oregon
97   Utah
98   Washington
99   Wyoming

Federal Reserve Routing Symbols

     * All banks in an area served by a FR bank or branch bank
       carry the routing symbol of the FR bank or branch

1    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Head	  5-1
     Office					  110

2    Federal Reserve Bank of New York Head	  1-120
     Office					   210

     Buffalo Branch				  10-26

3    Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia	  3-4
     Head Office				  310

4    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Head	  0-1
     Office					  410

     Cincinnati Branch				  13-43

     Pittsburgh Branch				  8-30

5    Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Head	  68-3
     Office					  510

     Baltimore Branch				  7-27

     Charlotte Branch				  66-20

6    Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Head	  64-14
     Office					   610

     Birmingham Branch				  61-19

     Jacksonville Branch			  63-19

     Nashville Branch				  87-10

     New Orleans Branch 			  14-21

7    Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Head	  2-30
     Office					  710

     Detroit Branch				  9-29

8    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Head	  4-4
     Office					  810

     Little Rock Branch 			  81-13

     Louisville Branch				  21-59

     Memphis Branch				  26-3

9    Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis	  17-8
     Head Office				  910

     Helena Branch				  92-26

10   Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City	  18-4
     Head Office				  1010

     Denver Branch				  23-19

     Oklahoma City Branch			  39-24

     Omaha Branch				  27-12

11   Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Head	  32-3
     Office					  1110

     El Paso Branch				  88-1

     Houston Branch				  35-4

     San Antonio Branch 			  30-72

12   Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco	  11-37
     Head Office				  1210

     Los Angeles Branch 			  16-16

     Portland Branch				  24-1

     Salt Lake City Branch			  31-31

     Seattle Branch				  19-1


XX-YYY	 WHERE:      XX = City or State
 ZZZZ		    YYY = Bank of Origin

		   ZZZZ = Federal Reserve Routing Code

If three digits:  The first digit identifies the Federal Reserve District

		  The second digit, if 1, stands for the Head Office of the
		  Federal Reserve District; 2-5 stand for the Branch Office of
		  the Federal Reserve District

		  The third digit signifies:  0-available for immediate credit;
		  others have deferred credit and the digits mean the
		  following: 1-5 designates the state in which the drawee bank
		  is located; 6-9 special collection arrangements.

If four digits:   The first two digits stand for the Federal Reserve District

The following digits are as above


68-424	     68-State of Virginia
 514	    424-Arlington Trust Co., Arlington, VA
	      5-Fifth Federal Reserve District
	      1-Head Office in Richmond, Virginia
	      4-Deferred credit and the state of Virginia

*NOTE -- For further your familiarity with the coding process, on checks, these
	 numbers appear at the bottom of the check according to the MICR Check
	 Coding System.  The check number, the account number, and the ABA
	 Transit Number will all be encoded in magnetic ink.  The ABA Number
	 will be enclosed in symbols like:  |: ABANUMBER |:  The grouping of
	 the ABA and Federal Reserve Codes will also usually appear at the
	 upper right-hand corner of the check.

	 Keep in mind that there are a great many checks involved in any
	 banking procedure, and almost any transaction evoked improperly will
	 draw attention.  Furthermore, the documents generated in a legitimate
	 wire-transfer situation are quite extensive.  Should a transaction be
	 noticed, and these documents are not available for scrutiny, again
	 attention will be drawn to the situation.

			      * BANK DOCUMENTS *
			      * WIRE  TRANSFER *


	Teller Tape & Proof Sheets	   Copy of Wire Transfer Ticket
	Wire Transfer Ticket		   Cancelled Check (if used to
	Microfilm copy of check 	     purchase)
	  used to purchase wire 	   Bank Statement (if funds came
	  transfer			     out of the account)
	Microfilm copies of account
	  records (if fund came out
	of existing account)
	Cash In/Out Ticket
	Vault Book Entry
	Bank Security Film
	Copy of CTR

Bank transactions must be swift and precise.  Amounts should be kept under the
$10,000 range in order not to immediately arouse suspicion.  Attacks must
executed correctly the first time, as there will be no possibilities for a
second chance.	Monies must be gathered rapidly and dispersed into various
outlets to avoid additional attention.	Transfers to banking systems whose
countries keep strict right to privacy laws, such as Panama, Switzerland, are not recommended as the transactions are much more involved and there
exists a greater potential for error in international wire-transfers.

The preferred method of transfer of funds would involve one or more false
identities, complete with state approved identification or passport and social
security cards.  Bank Security Film is kept on file, so it would be preferred
that some semblance of disguise be implemented, ranging from hair bleaching,
sun-tanning, makeup, false accents, facial hair, etc.  Various accounts in the
assumed name would be opened in several cities with the minimum initial
balance.  Within approximately two weeks, funds of no more than $7500 would be
diverted to each account.  The funds would then be withdrawn in cash with no
more than $5000 from each account, the balance being left in the account.  Once
the funds have been made cash, they would then be distributed to foreign banks,
or invested in foreign markets to avoid detection by the Internal Revenue

Conviction for Illegal Transference of Funds is not recommended.

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