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International Toll Free Code List

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                   =  International Toll-free, Local Rated,  =
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                   =       and Specially Toll Services       =
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                   =         by The Trunk Terminator         =
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The following indicates access codes and numbers used within various countries
for toll-free and special paid services.  The dialing codes shown represent how
they would be dialed within the country involved.  Generally, it is not
possible to access another country's domestic toll-free or specialty network
directly.  Where an international access is available, it is normally done by
using the domestic services which then forward the call to the destination

Where possible, the number of digits has been indicated with 'n' (a number from
2 to 8) or 'x' (any number). An ellipsis (...) indicates that there are a
variable number of extra digits, or possibly a conflict in the reports of
numbers of digits used.

                  Toll-free or equivalent local charge services

A u s t r a l i a

008 xxx xxx       That is how Phrack Inc. recomends it be written
                  to differentiate it from STD area codes
                  which are written with area codes (0x) thru
                  (0xxx) and numbers n xxxx through nxx xxxx.

0014 ttt xxx xxx  International Toll free access from Australia
                  (ttt is reported as "800" or other toll-free
                  access code; or, ttt may not be present at all.

                  (Canada Direct uses 0014 881 150)

B e l g i u m

11 xxxx

D e n m a r k

800 xxxxx
8001 xxxx         (charged as local call)

F i n l a n d

9800 xxxxx (...)  (PTT as local service provider)
0800 xxxxx (...)  (Private phone company as local service provider)

                  9800 costs the same as a local call (dialable from
                  all areas in Finland), while 0800 are truly toll-free and
                  dialable from all private telco areas.

F r a n c e

05 xxxxxx         This is outside area code 1, so from Paris 16 05.

05 19 xx xx       These numbers terminate outside France.

36 63 xx xx       (local call rate)

                  '11' is computer directory information.
                  '12' is voice directory information (equivalent to 411).

G e r m a n y   ( w e s t )

0130 xxxx (...xx) The number to use AT&T is 0130-0010 and U.S. Sprint is
                  0130-0013. For a general toll-free number listings, pick up
                  a copy of the International Herald newspaper and look in the
                  sports section is for an AT&T add. You will find a number
                  for dialing the US from various countries. Mearly, chop
                  off the exchange and only use the "area code" number.

I r e l a n d

1800 xxxxxx
1850 xxxxxx       (local rate)

I t a l y

167 xxxxx         (digits length)

                  We're not 100% sure about the length of digits for Italy.
                  One way to check these is to get a copy of an *international*
                  edition of the weekly magazines like TIME, all ads and little
                  contents. But they do goof up regularly, like printing Paris
                  numbers as (01) xxxxxxxx when they mean (1) xxxxxxxx.

M e x i c o

91 800 xxxxx....

N e t h e r l a n d s

06-4xx(x)         06-2229111 is AT&T USA direct and Sprint & MCI have operator
                  services on 06-022xxxx.  It used to be possible to call
                  06-022xxxx to Denmark, and then use the CCITT no. 4
                  signalling system to phreak calls to anywhere in the

                  06-11 This is the Dutch equivalent of 911, it is free when
                  dialled from a phone company operated payphone, otherwise the
                  charge is one unit, DFL 0.15, about US $ 0.08.  There were
                  discussions about making such calls free from any phone, but
                  I haven't followed them recently.  Calling a toll-free number
                  from a payphone requires a deposit of one coin, which is
                  returned after the call.

                  The total length of the numbers varies from 4 to 10 digits
                  and the dash indicates the secondary dial tone.  It is not
                  possible to reach 06 prefixed numbers from abroad.

N e w   Z e a l a n d

0800 xxx xxx      That is through the state telco, Telecom New Zealand. Clear
                  Communications, the recently started alternative LD carrier,
                  does not offer a toll-free service as yet.  When Clear offer
                  one, it will more than likely be to the subscribers existing
                  number (eg Dial toll free 050-04-654-3210) as they are not
                  in control of number issue. 0800 is strictly Telecom at this

N o r t h   A m e r i c a

1 800 nxx xxxx    Access to toll free numbers can vary according
                  to region, state or country (ie. not all 800
                  numbers are accessible to all regions).

                  The nxx prefix portion of the 800 number presently
                  determines which long distance carrier or 800
                  service company will handle the call (and in
                  some cases determine the geographical region).

S p a i n

900 xxxxxx        The number for ATT direct in Spain is 900-99-00-11.  The
                  payphones are all push-button but generate pulses.  It takes
                  forever to get connected.

S w e d e n

020 xxxxxx        (without dialtone after '020').

S w i t z e r l a n d

04605 xxxx        (not toll-free but metered at lowest rate)
155 xx xx         ("green number")

                  In Switzerland there is nothing exactly like the equivalent
                  to United States "800" service.  The PTT is now encouraging
                  the use of "green numbers" beginning with 155.  The direct
                  marketing ads on TV often give the order number for
                  Switzerland as a number such as 155 XX XX.  The access number
                  for MCI Call USA is for example 155 02 22.  There are two
                  problems with this:

                  1] When calling from a model AZ44(older model) payphone all
                  numbers which begin with a "1" are treated as "service"
                  numbers and the payphone begins to sound a "cuckoo clock
                  noise" once the 155 is entered.  The "cuckoo clock noise" is
                  to alert operators on the "service numbers" that the caller
                  is using a payphone (fraud protection).  This noise is quite
                  a distraction when calling someone in the USA using MCI Call

                  2] The newer style TelcaStar phones are programmed to block
                  the keypad after 3 digits are dialed of a "service number".
                  It used to be that the only numbers beginning with "1" were
                  "service numbers" and all "service numbers" were 3 digits.
                  The PTT is aware of this problem and are said to be
                  considering what instructions to give the manufacturer of the

                  AT&T USA Direct has an access number of 046 05 00 11.  This
                  is not a free call, but the time is metered at the lowest
                  rate.  This number does not suffer the "cuckoo clock noise"

                  Canada Direct uses 046 05 83 30.

U n i t e d   K i n g d o m

0800 xxx xxx      (Toll-free)
0345 xxx xxx      (Local rate)

                       Tolled/Specialty Pay services

A u s t r a l i a

0055 x yxxx       where y=0-4,8 means the number is Australia
                                wide (and costs more),
                        y=5     means the number is only state wide,
                        y=6,7,9 means the number is for the
                                capital city only.

F i n l a n d

9700 xxxxx        (PTT-operated)
0700 xxxxx        (Private telco-operated)

                  The cost ranges from about 0.5 USD to 5 USD per minute.

F r a n c e

36 65 xx xx       (5 message units each call for up to 140 seconds)

                  These are for various information services as well as chat

N e t h e r l a n d s

06-9 xx...
06-321 xx...
06-8 xx...        (3 to 40ct/min)

                  Other codes (such as 06-9) precede special tariff calls
                  (similar to 900 in the US).  The highest special rate is
                  (currently) DFL 0.50 / minute.

N o r t h   A m e r i c a

1 900 nxx xxxx    (various rates, depending on provider)
1 (npa) 976 xxxx  (in many area codes, connected through regional telco;
                   in some areas, the call requires the area code where
                   depending on the intra-area dialing used)

                  (other exchange prefixes within area codes such as 540, 720
                  or 915 are used for other pay services such as group chat,
                  other types of recorded messages, etc.  These vary depending
                  on the area code within North America, and not all regions in
                  North America have these.)

S w e d e n

071 x xxxxx

                  The Swedish answer to the United States "900"-number, 071 are
                  as follows.

                  (Charges are related to the next digit)

code       SEK/minute
0712xxxxx     3,65
0713xxxxx     4,90
0714xxxxx     6,90
0715xxxxx     9,90
0716xxxxx    12,50
0717xxxxx    15,30
0719xx       varying fees, cannot be dialled directly but needs operator

                  Numbers starting with 0713-0717 can only be dialled from
                  phones connected to AXE exchanges.  At present about half of
                  all phones in Sweden are connected to such exchanges.

                  Another special toll number is domestic number information:
                  07975 (6,90 SEK/minute).

U n i t e d   K i n g d o m

0836 xxx xxx
0898 xxx xxx

                  The rate seems to be uniform as 34p per minute cheap rate,
                  45p at all other times.


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